For(Gotten) You- A Few Poems

Hey everybody! I know I said I would update 2 days ago with a story update, but some things came up. I will post later today or tomorrow with a Lost Worlds update. This is a For(gotten) You update! I am just going to share a few poems that are in the book.

i stood tall
& strong
musket in my hands
i fought hard
and stayed on
as the cold days rolled by
even as the soldiers numbers
dwindled before my eyes
i lost friends,
family, sure
but i still stood straight with pride…
’till i lost myself too.
that was the price i paid
for the red white & blue

For the 4th of July, I know it’s sad, but I wanted to tell the importance of the war. I might make a fireworks poem soon that is happier.


we try
to shape ourselves
into the mold
set by society
i dont want to be
a doll
made thousands at a time
and overloved
sitting on a store shelf
i want
to be original
because we pay more for those, right?

Inspired by a store’s display of dolls


i loved you
with all of my heart
i loved you so much
i was blinded from the start
too happy to see
the cloth you pulled over my eyes
then you shot my heart
and left it there to die
of all the illusions
yours was the worst
because i think it was real at first.

This won 1st place in a WattPad Poetry Contest.


people always say
“don’t rain on my parade”
but right now
i would love some rain
to wash me clean
wash me clean
the lies
are choking me
i need to be clean
once more

This was for a contest, but I took the poem in a different direction then it was supposed to go, so I didn’t submit it.


her smiles seemed
to illuminate the night
but all her smiles
were tricks of the light

Just a random poem I thought of.


I am at about 900 words of this book and plan to do more. I will post another update soon 🙂 I hope you liked these poems! Tell me in the comments if I should post more.




4 thoughts on “For(Gotten) You- A Few Poems

  1. WOWOWOW THOSE ARE AMAZIIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!! Love them! The 4th one reminds me of Taylor Swift’s song Clean from her 1989 album. 🙂 ❤️
    The 3rd one is great too. I couldn’t pick a favorite, they’re all too good.

    Liked by 1 person

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