Fantasy v/s Fiction Prompt 1: Messages, Story 1

Hey guys! Along with TBFN, I will be participating in Fantasy v/s Fiction Challenge (Fi v/s Fa) hosted by @ I’m on Team Fiction!


Allrighty, here are the prompts:

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Messages: (Story 1)

(Title in the works)

          I open the red oak doors of Alexandria’s lost library. I suck in a breath, amazed at the number of books around me. I inhale the library’s sent of papyrus and wood polish. ‘Wood polish? That can’t be right.’ This library should smell of dust and rotting wood.  I wonder who could’ve– I hear a gentle ‘hiss’. I turn around and see fake wood trapdoors closing, leaving behind a steel box. A toy plane flies in front of my face, writing the 4 words in smoke: Step Inside The Box. I cautiously step inside, then begin to examine my surroundings. Suddenly, the steel doors shut and the box starts going down, then sideways. I stand, waiting for something to happen around 15 minutes. Then I find myself in the middle of the Lost Woods. I shiver. I’ve been warned time and time again to never step foot in there. Then, a girl with dirty blond hair and blue eyes appears.

“Come with me,” she says. She turns and runs into the forest.

And, making what might be the worst decision of my life, I follow her.


We emerge in a clearing, full of tree stumps and logs.

“Leonald?” She calls. “Leonald? I have the 2nd.”

A short, dumpy man comes out from behind a tree.

He addresses the girl. “Thank you, Myri. You are dismissed.”

He turns to me. “Follow me if you want to change the world.”

And for the 2nd time today, I blindly follow a stranger into the forest.


This time, we’re in a log cabin.

“Clora, do you believe words can change the world?”

“Yes,” I reply, because I do. Maybe if people’s ears heard some sense it would travel up to their brains. “Wait, how do you know my name?”

“After the 1st went rogue, we set our sights on you. It wasn’t an accident you fond the StelLift.”

Oh, so that’s what the steel box was called. “I’ve never heard of those before, how come the rest of the world doesn’t have them?”

“Because those boxes do much more then go the library base and back. Humans would destroy each other if they got their hands on those. But you’ll find out about that in due time, if you choose to accept. “

My mind is spinning. Who is the 1st? How did they go “rogue”? What does the StelLift do? How are words going to change the world? Accept what? Why are they hiding in the Lost Woods? And what do they mean, “library base?” I settle on the last one, and puzzle pieces start to click together in my head.

“The lost library of Alexandria is still lost, isn’t it. That was just a ruse to get me there.” I say flatly.

“Yes, that is true.”

I don’t know what to feel. I can’t feel betrayed by Leonald, I only met him 45 minutes ago. I don’t know what to say. So I go with the simplest question:

“But why me?”

“Though, admittedly, you were our 2nd choice, you lack 3 qualities that are rarely seen together in humans anymore: kindness, rationality, and empathy.”

“Thanks,” I say. But, now I’m worried. If the first went “rogue,” (whatever that means) could it happen to me too? Because it doesn’t sound too pleasant. “How did the 1st go rogue?”

“You will find that out in due time, also. If we proceed.”

“Let’s do it,” I reply.

“I need to know you will never, ever breathe a word of where the message came from to anyone.”

“Of course,” I promise.

“Spread this message high and low, through mountains and valleys, seas and dry land.”

“The whole world will know.”

“Here’s the message: We’re all superheroes, and our power is this: we can all change the future.”


I know there are a lot of unanswered questions. I will clear them up in the next prompt. I know this is late, but I had a family problem I couldn’t miss and was unable to post last night. That is why this isn’t the best example of my writing, I’m sorry. I will do better next prompt, I promise. I just was trying to finish this as soon as possible.


17 thoughts on “Fantasy v/s Fiction Prompt 1: Messages, Story 1

    1. 🙂 it’s just because it was the first genre i wrote an actual story in 🙂 it has a special place in my heart (it was the longest in my second grade class)


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