3 Day Quote Challenge: Day One

Hey! I was nominated for the 3 day Quote Challenge by Tara @ Flower in a Rainy Day.

I made a picture for it:

Blog Button & Blog Tags (1)Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  2.  Post 3 quotes for 3 days.
  3. Nominate 3 other bloggers each day.

as you can probably tell, my quotes for today are about hope, hurt, and heroes. Let’s get started!



I feel that this is a great acronym for hope. After all, we all just hold on, until we’re happy again.



This happens so much. Good people get used and abused by bad people looking for a joke.



You don’t need somebody else to save you, you can save yourself. Girl power! You don’t need a knight in shining armor to save a damsel in distress. We are not helpless!


  1. Lana @ The Music of Words
  2. Kellyn @ Reveries
  3. Rutvi @ So Sugar Sweet


That’s all the quotes for today. Did you like them? I am working on my TBFN Prompt #2 right now! You should expect a post later tonight. I have some ideas for my Fi v/s Fa 2nd novel prompt. That should be coming out tomorrow. I am going to writing camp this week, so I will post an update on that Wednesday!




8 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge: Day One

  1. I liked those quotes, especially the first and third ones! (The second one was good too, but it was sad.) I think the third one could also be interesting if it was altered slightly and said “She needed a hero, so that’s what he became” which would throw a different twist on it. Both ways are really interesting.

    And yay, I’m excited to hear your post about the writing camp! That sounds like fun!

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    1. Yeah, i love doing these camps now 🙂 i like both ways of the 3rd one, but i especially liked it because it shows we can save ourselves and we dont need to rely on boys because that is a stereotype i HATE. i think another intersting twist would have been “He needed a hero, so that’s what she became”


      1. That’s true, but I am a bit of a romantic which is why I think I suggested it, hehe. I do like that we can save ourselves. And ooh, that is an interesting twist! I really like that one!

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