TBFN Prompt #2

Hey! I’m back with the full TBFN post. I’m on Team Lions:


This story is the “prologue” to the first part, you can read it here.

Sooo, the prompts are: (In order)







Disclaimer: This isn’t edited to the fullest extent, I was rushing to meet the deadline.

7 Years Earlier…

“Mommy, I’m Fading. Help me!”

“Shh, shh Rue. It’s okay. I’ll help you.”


“There are 10 things you can do to make sure you never Fade. But you have to promise you’re fully committed.”

“I am, Mommy. I promise.”

“Here’s what you must do…”

Number Ten~ Book Changing

“Marcoe, it’s time for you to complete your summer reading assignment.”

“Okay, Mom. C’mon, Rudy. Let’s go read Tech Trials.”

“Is that a good book?”

‘Mom, we’re about to read the book. Change it!’

‘Good, our LobeComs work.’

‘Yes, now hurry!’

‘It’s done.’


“Marc, what’s wrong?”

“Read it!”

“Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.

Leaves of 3 is where poison ivy be.

When the clock strikes 12, blood will run out the well.”

“Rudy, each page reads a different threat. I was breathing hard, because for the first time in my life, I didn’t want to finish a book.”

“Oh, Marc, c’mere.”

“Thanks for the hug. I’m so glad you’re my real friend. Not like the boys at school.”

I’m real as long as you make me.

Number Ten complete.

Numbers Nine & Eight: Mean Teacher & Embarrassment

“Rudy… I’m scared.”

“Don’t be. 3rd grade is a blast!”

“Have you been?”

If you make me, I have.

“No, but I’m with you through everything.”

“Marcoe Richmond!”

‘Nice job with the hawk lady, Mom.’

“Just who are you talking to?”

“His imaginary friend, Ru-dee!”

“Quiet, Bryce!”

“I wasn’t talking to anybody.”

“Well, don’t make it a habit.”

‘Mommy, he’s saying I don’t exist again!’

‘I’ll make the teacher worse.”

“Rudy, I don’t like this teacher. She’s mean.”

“Me neither. We can tell your Mommy about it when we get home.”

“I miss–“

“Marcoe! What did I tell you about talking to “nobody”? Leave the class, now!”

“Mar-coe has an imaginary girlfriend! Oooh!”

“I do not! Stop making those kissy noises!”

“Marcoe, LEAVE!”

“Rudy, I hate 3rd grade! I don’t know how I’d make it through without you.”

‘He’s clinging tighter! We did it!’

‘But we’re not done yet.’

Numbers Nine & Eight complete.

Number Seven: The Burnt Rose Movie

“I love Friday movie nights with you, Rudy.”

“Me too, Marcoe. What are we watching?”

“A superhero movie!”

‘Mommy, do we have to do this? He’s so excited… and sensitive.’

‘I told you, no looking back.


“Take your rose back! How could you?”

“Carmen, please, you’ve got to-“

“I don’t ‘got to’ anything.

“Fine. But keep the rose. It’s burned.”

“I want it to remind you of how our love ended: up in flames, down to ashes.”

“Mommy must have put the wrong DVD in the case again. Hey, what’s going on with the screen?”

“I don’t kn-“


‘Mommy, it hurts my heart to hear him scream like that.’

‘Do you want to Fade?’


“Don’t worry, I’m here, Marc. Nothing will hurt you now.”

“I will never let you leave.”

Number Seven, complete.

Numbers Six & Five: Injury & Nightmares

“She swings, and CRACK! Home run! Woo Hoo! Go Lilah!”

‘Mommy, make the next one hit him.’

‘It will.’

“He swings and- OWWW! My tooth!”

“Everybody, give Marcoe some space! Back away!”



“Fine. Let’s just get you to the nurse’s office so we can call your mom to take you to the dentist.”

“Rudy, I don’t want to go to the dentist!”

“But he’ll help make your mouth feel better.”

“I guess I’ll go. But you have to come with me tomorrow.”


‘Mom, he’s having a nightmare.’

Numbers Six & Five Complete

Number Four & Three: Eyeglasses & Lion Escapades

“Oh no! Rudy, I forgot my glasses!”

“That’s ok, Marcoe.”

“But I won’t be able to see the animals at the zoo!”

Oh, you definitely will.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to.”

“Mommy, hide me!”

“Marc, what is it?”

“That man is the dentist from my nightmare last night!”

“Don’t be silly, Marc. A dream is a dream, and yours was just a bad one.”

‘Mommy, he wasn’t supposed to see that. I really think we should stop.’

‘Not an option. We’re too far in.’

“Mom, can we go look at the lions?”

“Sure, you can look while I go get us ice cream.”

“Make sure to buy one for Rudy, too!

“Marcoe, we don’t have money to waste like… fine. What flavor does she want?”

“Chocolate with brownie, just like me.”

“C’mon, Rudy, let’s go!”

“Rudy, what’s your favorite part of a lion?”

“I love their mane.”

“I like the baby lions.”

“C’mon, Marc, let’s go back. I bet your Mommy has our ice cream now.”

“Ok, let’s- Oh. My. Gosh.”

“Rudy, the lions escaped.”

“Marc, listen to me. Back away slowly…”

‘Make it get ready to pounce.’

“And now-“

“Rudy, it’s gonna pounce!”


“I think we lost it, Marc.”

“I don’t think I’ll be the same after seeing that…”


“Yes, Mommy.”

“Why in the world did you call that the LION escaped?”

“Ir did! It chased us! Right, Rudy?”

“Marcoe, Rudy is IMAGINARY. And if you “playing” with her causes you to call lion, then stop thinking about her.”

“Okay, Mommy.”

‘Oh no! It didn’t work!”

“Don’t worry, Rudy. I’ll never stop thinking about you.”

Numbers Four & Three, complete.

Number Two & One- Superstition & Message

“Marcoe, didn’t you hear? Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.”

“Rudy, it’s from the book! Oh no!”

“Marc, don’t listen to them. See, they’re laughing.”

“Ahh! Rudy, help me!”

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s the dentist! The one from my nightmare!”

“Your nightmares stay in your head. Plus, I’m here. I’ll keep you safe.”

“I’m still scared.”

“Maybe some computer time will make you forget. Come on, let’s go.”

‘Mom. We need stop. It’s finished. ‘

‘No! If you won’t tell me what to do, then I’ll do it on my own.’

‘No. No. NO! MOM, No! I’ll keep doing it! No!’

She’s gone.

“Rudy! Look at the message!”

“She parted the leaves to reveal the throne. I pulled at my shirt. ‘It’s hot.’ ‘It has to be, to hide her ice-cold heart of stone.’

“Its Ok, Marc. I’m here.’

“There’s a lion over there! No, right here! Next to you! On me! Make it stop!”

‘Quit it, Mom.’

“Let’s go to the reading corner.”

“The books! They’re all just page after apge of threats!”

“I’ll help y-“

“NO! You haven’t! I’ve been seeing things, and feeling things, that aren’t there! I FEEL CRAZY! IT NEEDS TO, I DON’T, GO AWAY! You need to go away! LEAAAVE! JUST. EVERYBODY. LEAVE!”

‘Look what you’ve done.’

‘Oh, Rue, you did it all yourself.”

Numbers Two & One, Incomplete.

Number Zero: Broken.

Soooo, how was it? Did you like it? I cant wait for the next set of prompts! But, I’m already working on my Fi v/s Fa story, expect that later today. And I’m reading for my next Burn, Rewrite, & Reread! And trying to work on my Camp NaNo novel…. And going to camp… But I can do it!




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