Character Collage: Queen Aleksandria

I got this idea from Sky @ Further Up and Further In. I made a collage of my character’s personality and other things. You can see the pictures below:



I should explain why each item is on there… But I’m not sure yet. I chose the things that spoke to me for Queen Alek. It was fun to procrastinate my writing more and do this project. But I have to go write or the writing monster will track me down… No, I’ll just feel horrible if I dontΒ meet my Camp NaNo Goal, so I have to go write 3k words with little to no wordbuilding done… I’m waiting for my new whiteboard to come! I want to get one for my room to world build on, I can stick notes and it’s erasable, it would be a dream. I’ll send you pictures once I get it! Well, time to write… Wish me luck!

your procrastinating writer,




16 thoughts on “Character Collage: Queen Aleksandria

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I tried hard to make her sound regal and imposing- and when I saw that name online, I just HAD to use it. Thanks for all the compliments! Your welcome for linking up πŸ™‚


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