Fi v/s Fa Prompt #3- Messages, Story 3

It’s time for… (drumroll please) Part 3 of Messages!


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Here are the prompts I used: (In Order)

Young Collette


Before we begin, I feel I should tell you a little about the story. Messages is about a girl named Clora who finds a group of people in the woods. They barely explain anything to her and leave her with more questions than she could believe. She is the Second, and the First has gone rogue. We left off with the First telling her about how if she comes with him (even though he’s rogue,) she can find her long lost mother.

(Which needs more foreshadowing, I’ll admit.) Right now, there are some gaping plot holes. But, I feel the most important thing I can tell you in this is that Messages isn’t in order. I’m writing this so that the prompts can fit into the story. If I feel inspiration for a different part then I left off with, I’m going to write that part of the story.

Messages, Story Three

A 16 year old girl walks through the Hall of Evolution, candle in hand. She looks at the scenes of great invention, and then those of war. She doesn’t know which one hurt society more. She stops at the picture of herself, and whispers… “Oh, what will become of me?” A short, slightly less dumpy man walks from behind the frame.

“Collette, we have to go.”

“Coming, Leonald.”

She blows a kiss to the picture of the smiling girl.

“Stay pure.”

20 years later…

“Align the troops from the west and send them to Stapier. Make sure they’re at their best.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The General walked away.

Collette traces her hands over the 5 continents on the map. ‘Where, oh where, are you ?’ She thinks.

An update team walks into the room.

“Ma’am, our sources have revealed a new Messenger.” She spits the word with hate.

Collette sighs. Inwardly, of course. She could never be anything but strong for the Team.

“Who is it?” She questions, with renewed vigor.

Nabila consults the paper.

“It’s a- a Clora Markus?” She says questioningly.

Collette’s breath catches in her throat.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, ma’am, you can see the paper yourself.”

“No, that will not be necessary. You’re dismissed.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The team scurries out the door, already consulting their tablets and talking on ear pieces.

She sat down in the swivel chair and buried her head in her hands.

‘Oh, what am I to do?’ Collette thinks. She sighs again, outwardly this time. ‘This is my war, & I don’t know what side I’m on. Oh, I’m just so tired…’

Collette jumps to her feet. “You can rest after the war is won.” She mutters. “You started it.”

She starts pacing. ‘Clora will be safe, nobody in that horrid organization will know of my connection to her. In fact, nobody knows of me.’

‘I can keep Clora safe if I approach this how I usually would. Nobody will ever know, not even her.’

She presses a button out of the numerous ones on her dashboard.

“Bring me the First.”

“Are you sure? You know how… unpredictable he can be.”

“I expect you to address me with Ma’am, and I know full well the risks I take. Now, bring him up,  and don’t make me repeat myself again.”

“What’d you bring me up here for, lady?”

Collette had long since given up on any sort of respect from Brett.

“Go find Clora. I’ll make sure the Lost Woods places her at the Ferris Wheel. Move with the utmost haste.”

“Fine. But what’s in it for me?”

“You can leave your cell block for the afternoon.”

“I’ll do it. Goodbye, lady.”

Collette hears his footsteps recede from the door.

“I’ll see you soon, daughter.” She murmurs.

Outside the door, Brett gives a twisted smile.

‘Things are just getting started.’ 

He walks away silently, the smile still there.

Alright, that’s all for now! You can expect a Series Snacks or Burn, Rewrite, & Reread post tomorrow! Also, I feel like I should let you readers get to know me more. So, once I get into a steady blogging/writing/reading/other activities schedule, I will be starting a get to know me post series called Confessionals! I’m excited, are you?




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