Fi v/s Fa Challenge 4- Wings, Story 1

Alright, everyone, this is just a quick post so I’m not late on entries. I’m sorry, but it’s going to be a little speedy.

Quick Recap:



This is a separate little story that may or may not have more parts to it These prompts didn’t fit with Messages.


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Wings, Story 1

“That’s a terrible, horrible, incredibly foolish idea. Let’s do it and see what happens.” Alexa King told Bailey. They had climbed a tree in the apple orchard with their fairy wings on. Bailey had jokingly suggested they try to fly down, but as of everything, Alexa took it seriously.

Bailey looked down from the tallest branch in the tree.

“I don’t know, Alexa. My pretty blue dress would get dirty.”

“Your Mommy can wash it. I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m jumping.”

She bent her knees.

“Wait! I’m coming too!”

The two little girls grabbed hands. They jumped.

Suddenly, the morning fog cleared. A girl lay, writing in her notebook.

Bailey!” Alexa shrieked.

“We’re going to hit her!”

Suddenly, a jet of cool air blew towards them, setting them off track. The girl had disappeared again.

Another jet blew towards them.

They really were flying.

The wings worked.

I hope you liked it!

I promise this isn’t a fantasy story. You’ll just have to keep reading to find out why. 😉




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