TBFN Challenge #3 ~ Rise of the Scorned

Hello, everybody! This is another quick writing camp post. 🙂



This is my entry for TBFN #3, hosted by Rutvi.

Prompts: (In order)






“See this paper?”

“Uh, yes. You’re holding it an inch from my face.”

“It represents your life.”

“Uh, okay.”

He tore it in two.

“Oh, puh-lease. What could someone like you ever do to me? I won’t be seeing you around, especially after that little show you just put on.”

“You’re going to regret this. I swear on my life.”

“Mmm. Then you better have your coffin ready.”

Part One

“Izabel! Slow down! You’re going to fall!”

“Better fallen off a bridge then fallen at her hands.”

“Oh, puh-lease. You know those were empty threats.”

“From him, yes. But not from her.”

“Oh, my dahlings! I’m pleased to see how highly you think of me!”

I stop in my tracks, and look at the woman standing in front of me. Her ghostly beauty radiateds so powerfully I can feel the sense of death.

“L-layla?” I call. I want to look for her, but I am scared to turn my back on this woman.

“Oh, my dear, Layla has no part in this game.”

My hands trembled at my waist. I start to take a step back, but then stop. ‘Your Izabel Silver.’ I tell myself, It’s going to take more than one ghost demon lady to stop you.

“I’d be more than happy to call some of my friends, if that’s what you desire, dear.”

“No, haven’t you heard? Three’s a crowd.”

She throws back her head and chuckles.

“Well, we wouldn’t want to exceed the player limit.”

“Most people are cowering in fear by now. I still have a job to do, but I’m not bored of this game yet. You’re coming with me.”

And with that statement, two pairs of beautiful black wings fold out from behind her.

“Why do you need those? You can just think wherever you want to be.”

“Haven’t you heard? Exits are everything.”

She grabs my by the waist and soars into the sky.

“Where are we going?”

“Patience, darling. You better like it, because it’s the last place you’re going to see.”

This has to go beyond him and all his schemes. Bur what could it be?

How do you like my new story so far? Did you think Izabel’s dialouge was confusing, or out of character? Comment your opinion!




7 thoughts on “TBFN Challenge #3 ~ Rise of the Scorned

  1. Interesting! I think it’s an intriguing beginning. I can’t really tell whether or not anyone is out-of-character since I’ve only just met them, but I feel like if Izabel was running away in terror then she would be more afraid of the ghost-woman. But the jokes and banter were pretty fun and humorous, and I really liked the part with the wings and dramatic exit. It also made me curious, though–“you can just think wherever you want to be”–that means she’s really something serious they’re going up against and I want to know more.

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