FLC Challenge #1- Create Your Own Mythical Creature!

Hello again! Sorry for 2 posts so close together, but I needed to get this in before the deadline 🙂

Information Station

Host: Kathryn


Team Pegasus

Challenge: Create Your Own Mythical Creature

Points: None Yet.


The Modeaux!


General Information: She can be difficult to plan with, as she doesn’t speak any language knowledgeable to our species. She is very strong, no matter what size. (When being fed the right meals) Don’t mess with her, as she carries a “secret weapon” that has yet to be revealed. She is fiercely loyal to her master, but she isn’t anyone’s slave. Don’t take advantage of her.

Diet: Leafy greens, herbivore. However, she has been smuggled into this world, and has been forced to reside on meat, making the species very sick and frail. Her diets are found best in the jungle-type places. (Or the jungle itself, if your fancy ;)) She was wanted for her strength, but they are slowly killing her.

Looks: Small, the size of a mouse. Could blend into a crowd. pure white or pure black. She has 4 hands, in which they crawl on.

Special Powers: The Moudeaux can be any size it needs to be, to recon an area or command a base. Also, her secret weapon.

Extra: There is only one of her, as she has yet to mate. Maybe, that will change, but never unless she can get back to her jungle home.


How did you like The Modeaux? Did you get an image of her? Please comment below!






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