I Tell You About My Latest Music Obsession//We Have A Nice Chat Over Tea & Biscuits


I feel like I’ve been bombarding you with posts just to meet a deadline. So I decided I’d just like to sit, chat, and relax! So, now I can tell you…

I have recently discovered my favorite teardrop in the ocean we call music.

1 word:


Yes, that’s right.


Creator of the album FMA, with the hit single You Don’t Own Me, featuring G-Eazy, she has certainly made a splash with her debut.

Alright, now I can get to how A-MAZ-ING that album is.


  1. Church On Sunday
  2. Hell Of A Girl
  3. From You
  4. Hope You Understand
  5. Crazy Over Here
  6. You Don’t Own Me
  7. How To Love Me
  8. Coffee
  9. Song Cries And Amens
  10. Feel Your Love
  11. New Orleans
  12. Boys Boys Boys
  13. Say
  14. Boyfriend Jeans (Remix)






Favorite Quote: “I’m not just one of your, many toys”

C’mon! Who can’t love a song like that?!?

Another favorite: Coffee.

I love the melodies and harmonies! They blend together so well!

Also: Feel Your Love.

Lemme just say: Sassy. As. Heck.

As a sassy girl, how could I resist?

Oh, and how could I forget?

Church On Sunday.

Poppy, spunky, good beat.

The lyrics: A+++

So…. Are you going to go buy her album now? YES!!! Go do it! Go do it NOW! *shoos you away* Oh wait!! You’re my readers! *chases after you*

-several hours later-

OK, now that we’ve dealt with that predicament…

Let’s chat! *Hands out tea and biscuits* Sit down, relax, and stay awhile! How are you? How’s blogging? Any special anniversary’s coming up?

Wow! I started typing this Monday, but didn’t finish til now! I’ve been keeping busy, I actually just got back from vacation, so I should be wayyyyy more active.

Lily– I’m sorry I havent done any POWWC challenges yet! I’ll try to fix that!

On another note- I got the 8th Harry Potter book!


I sorta didn’t like it.

It got annoying after a while, with all the stage directions and such. It was hard to read in script form. I feel like it moved wayyyyy too fast…

and that’s just skimming what i thought!

I also got Apple Music and its soooo great- I can get all the songs I want!


ta-ta for now!



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