New Blog URL & Design | Switching To My Author Name

Bonjour, readers! Thanks for checking out this post!

Alright, so this will be short, just a couple of announcements 🙂

I have redesigned… once again! XD I would really appreciate your opinion. I’m trying something new this times, a slide-out sidebar. I want you to tell me if that’s annoying, or if you like it because it gives more content space. Also, I changed my URL one last time. With this URL, I can change the actual name of my blog without changing my link. The new URL is…

and the new title….

April Dreams!

my tagline is still the same:

i’ve caught the dreamer’s disease

now, this may leave you all scratching your heads. “I thought your name was Liv?” you ask. Well, I hate to disappoint you… but that was a pseudonym.  My new pen name is:

April McLauren!

I’m changing all my content, profiles, & etc. and I’d appreciate if you helped. If you see anything signed “Liv” or where I refer to myself as “Liv”, please tell me! So, if my content/design seems a little out of sorts to you these next few weeks, please bear with me! I will fix it as soon as possible! Oh, I also remodeled my GoodReads: You can find it here. I’d also appreciate it if you’d start referring to me as April, or a nickname, if you’d prefer. Thanks so much!

much love & thanks,




28 thoughts on “New Blog URL & Design | Switching To My Author Name

  1. Oh, cool! I totally thought you were a different person than Liv with the same profile picture when you commented on my post. XD and then I clicked on your blog and it looked totally different…but you’re still the same person, oops. Anyway, I like the new look! It’s really professional, good job! 🙂

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    1. I actually got a comment from you April on my blog: and I was surprised that you had a different name and then I came and found this post on your blog!

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  2. Omg, I was sure you deleted your blog!!! Thank gods I found it!:) Anyway, don’t worry I needed months to decide about my theme, it’s normal that you are like that in the beginning:P
    Other ways, I love the name and everything, it’s pretty cool:D
    Whit love,
    Tara ❤

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    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, there’s been a lot of confusion about that, I hope to clear it up in the next post. Yea, I’m actually back to my original (well, second to original) theme, because I made a new header for my site, I’d love it if you looked at it 🙂

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      1. 😂 I was starting to freak out and I was going to look for your last comment on my blog so I could ask you where your blog went… And I am glad you won’t be deleting it..


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