POWWC #1- Just A Distraction & Fi v/s Fa Prompt #5 – Messages, Story 4

Hello, everyone! It’s time for a very late POWWC Story! Alright, info time!

Information Station:



Host: Lily @ Living By Chapters 



Prompts (In order)

i used the outfit
altered slightly




No humans.

Oh, and an extra little thing I am doing to challenge myself is writing this challenge in the form of a screenplay. This is my first time trying to write one, and I don’t know that many camera directions. Actually, all the knowledge I have of writing a screenplay/book is from Harry Potter And The Cursed Child.  Well, I tried my best. I hope you enjoy!


{Just A Distraction}


The camera pans over a laboratory-like space, until settling on a bowl on a pedestal in the middle of the room. The camera zooms in as a white hot bolt of electricity ran up the bowl. The water crackles with static. The camera swings to focus on the  shadowy figure approaching.

[Shadowy Figure]: “Is it almost done?”

The words roll off it’s tongue and across the floor, scratching and scraping as if in protest.

The camera follows SHADOWY FIGURE’S path.

[Unidentified Beast 1]: “Yes.”

UNIDENTIFIED BEAST 1’S words dance through the air, but they’re as, if more, frightening then the others.

The camera angles to focus on UNIDENTIFIED BEAST 1 and SHADOWY FIGURE talking.

[Shadowy Figure]: “Good, because time is running out.”

[Unidentified Beast 1]:”Did you hear the dragons aren’t flying?”

UNIDENTIFIEd BEAST 1 comments nonchalantlyas if the news doesn’t rock their whole world.

[Shadowy Figure]:”Yes.”

SHADOWY FIGURE’S Response is equally carefree.

[Unidentified Beast 1]:”I assume you’ve already come up with a plan to use this to our advantage?”

 SHADOWY FIGURE breaks into a threatening grin.

[Shadowy Figure]: “You know me so well, sister.”

[Unidentified Beast 1]: “The savage beasts aren’t the real danger, then?”

[Shadowy Figure]:”No, just a distraction.”

The camera SHADOWY FIGURE  picks up a costume from the ground.

[Shadowy Figure]: “Especially if you’re the beast.”

UNIDENTIFIED BEAST 1 brings her eyes up from the bowl and looks at SHADOWY FIGURE.

[Unidentified Beast 1]: “What made you think I need a costume?”

The camera zooms out on UNIDENTIFIED BEAST 1 and SHADOWY FIGURE laughing.


So… was it atrocious?

Haha, just kidding. How did you like it? As I said before, it’s my first time, and I wanted to try something new. I actually didn’t think I’d like writing it, but I actually enjoyed the change of style!

I know this is really late, but I like to do all the challenges even if I missed the deadline. My goal is to publish a POWWC post everyday until I am caught up.And I PROMISE challenge four will be up in time. Now, let’s move on to Fiction v/s Fantasy!

Information Station



Prompts (In order)


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Messages, Story 4

Collette gazes lovingly once more at the sleeping baby before exiting the room, closing the door softly. She walks downstairs to the rhythm of the rain drops caressing her house. Collette smiles, and proceeds to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. She walks over with the tea to the couch, and grabs the remote off the table.

“No time for soaps, now! We’ve got to go, Collette!”

Colette puts a hand to her mouth in shock.

“Where the heck did you come from Leonald?” She exclaimed.

“The ceiling. Now we’ve to to get going, before they catch up to us! I’ve made a great security compromise by even coming here!”

“I can’t leave Clora.” Collette says flatly.

“They’re not interested in her, and you’re putting her in more danger by staying!”

“I can protect her. it hasn’t been that long.”

“They’re never the same after pregnancy.” he says, shaking his head.

“That’s not why what happened to Kristin happened!”

“If you want to be stubborn, what about Anderson?”

“NO! They’re all just coincidences!”

Leonald sighs.

“I’ve tried reasoning with you. I’ve tried giving you facts. You might put your own pride before your daughter’s safety, but I don’t. Troops!”

He claps his hands.

“What are you– no. you wouldn’t do that to me.”

Soldiers start to stream in. They grab Collette by the feet and arms, start to carry her outside.

Collette writhes with all her might, but there are too many. She lies limp, screaming, “Cora! Cora! I’ll get back to you, Cora!”

Leonald just stands there, shaking his head and wringing his hands.

“Never the same after pregnancy.” He says sadly. He turns on his heel and follows the soldiers out the door.

A few hours later…

The mobile above the baby’s head breaks, and the silver glitter falls, falls, falls over her. She wakes up, coughing.

“Mama!” She cries.

“MA-MA!” She screams.

Clora starts to sob.

No answer is gave.

Well, quick sign-off tonight, it’s getting late. How’d you like it? I had fun with it. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow for POWWC and maybe TBFN, or some tags.




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