POWWC #3- Too Young & #4- Family At Last

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first on time POWWC Challenge! Well, I have to complete #3 first, but it sounds better to start that way. 😉 So, let’s get through #3, so we can get to my on time challenge!

NOTE: As I was creating this story, I realized I switched one of the prompts from the 4th round with the second round. Sincerest Apologies.

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Prompts (In Order)


The Other Element: 

Write the story from the perspective of a tree that is a thousand years old.


Too Young

November 26th


Macklewyrst Forest

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me-ee. Happy birthday to me.” A tree glumly thinks.

“Hey, Galla! Isn’t it your birthday?”

She perk sup at the sound of the voice inside her trunk. Does someone care?

“Yes,” Galla reply tentatively.

“Congratulations on being… what was it, a 1,000?”

Galla mentally cracks a branch for being so stupid. She should’ve known.

“A couple of us were heading down to Bumbling Creek. Want to have a little… party?” Trivan snidely thinks.

Galla knows as well as anybody you have to be 50,000 to go to the creek.

“Have fun making your bark peel like the elder you are.”

“Don’t worry, G. Soon this will be you!” Trivan cackles. “Oh, wait. What am I saying? You’re 1,000.” And with that last jab, Trivan disappears from her minds eye and “heads” to the creek. When the trees evolved, couldn’t they make it so younger saplings could get included?

Galla returned to watching the small stream winding around her trunk, something she had  been known to do for hours on a time. Nothing ever happened there… everybody knew all the fun was at the river.

Galla closed her minds eye and prayed to Alessia, her deity.

“Dear Alessia, if I have done anything right in my short life, please let something exciting happen. Please. Love, Galla.”

She then returned her eye to the stream. In case you haven’t noticed yet, being a tree was incredibly boring.

A ripple in the stream appeared. Galla squinted closer, wondering if her minds eye was playing a trick on her. No, that was definitely a ripple. It grew into waves, which grew into tides, wetting Galla’s feet.

And then the girl appeared.

First she could see the girl’s head, then her sea-green eyes. She was wearing a white off-the-shoulder top, and matching shorts. The girl held a horse’s reins in her hand, and drew them up to come to a stop.

“Being a tree is boring, eh?” The girl had a heavy British accent.

Galla tried to move her branches in response, but you had to be 25,000 before you could manipulate your “limbs” without the aid of the wind.

“I can just tell your answer is yes. So what would you say to not being a tree for a while?”

Galla ponders this. Her whole life, she had wanted to become something more, something better then a plant. Bu something about this woman felt… off. Wrong. Galla surprised herself by thinking, ‘no.’ A tree I was made, and for a reason.

The girl clambered out of the stream.

“My name is Lila,” she began, “and I’m about to take you for the ride of your life.”

And with that, Lila stepped forward, pulled out a claw shaped vial, and stared draining Galla’s essence.

How did you like it? I’ve never written from the perspective of a plant before. Comment your opinion!

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Prompts (In Order)


The Other Element–

Write a story that contains at least two teacups, a feathered hat, and some eccentric nail polish.

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POWWC #1- Just A Distraction & Fi v/s Fa Prompt #5 – Messages, Story 4

POWWC #2 & Announcements!


A little girl set her teacup down and shifted in her toadstool chair.

“Would you like more tea, Mr. Bear?”

The little 8-year-old made her voice deep, (well, as much as an 8-year-old can) and replied,

“Why, yes, Miz Adler.” She made Mister Bear adjust his bowtie and poured him another cup.

Madeleine walked over to Miss Polly and straightened her feather hat. “Here is the crumpet you requested, madam.” She made Miss Polly lift the teacup with a daintily painted nail.

“Thank you, Madeleine.” This time, her voice was high pitched and squeaky.

“Maddie! It’s almost time to come home, darling!” Her mom called her. “I have a special surprise for you!”

“Okay, Mommy! I’m coming!”

Madeleine gathered Mister Bear and Miss Polly in her arms and ran to the house.

“Mommy, I’m here!”

“Oh, darling, you could’ve stayed and played for a few more minutes. Your surprise isn’t here yet!”

“Now, who told you that?” A big, booming voice echoed throughout the house.

Mrs. Adler’s eyes shone as bright as the stars that were appearing above her head.

“Rory!” She exclaimed. “You’re home!” Mrs. Adler ran to embrace her husband, giving him a kiss.

Madeleine stood in awe at the father figure in her life, having barely seen him. She started her gaze at his combat boots… to his green camo pants… then the matching shirt… and the medals and pins adorned to it… his black cap… and then eyes. The one thing she remembered about her father was his eyes.

“Daddy! You came back!”

Mr. Adler sweeps Maddie up in his arms.

“I sure am, sugarplum.” He twirls her around.

“And this time for good.”

Mrs. Adler gasps and brings her hands to her mouth, then starts crying tears of joy. She walks over and embraces her husband and daughter.

She murmurs: “Family at last.”

The End

No, I do not know why I put the end there. I know it is childish! And frustrating! It just felt like a story that needed a “the end”, you know? 😉

Well… how did you like it? I thought in honor of my first on time challenge I should take a break from all the depressing crap I’ve written recently and write something happy! And it was fun! It made my heart feel… lighter, you know? Focusing on the better asepcts of the world and all that stuff.




4 thoughts on “POWWC #3- Too Young & #4- Family At Last

  1. I LOVE the last story! The way you started with a child playing tea parties, and ending with something so sweet and deep. It’s practically the best short story I ever read!

    Liked by 1 person

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