Poetry Collab Blog, Anyone?

Hello, all!

SO, due to unfortunate circumstances, my Wattpad account has been acting up, and I no longer have a place to publish my poetry. Then I thought, “how fun would it be to have a poetry collab blog? I haven’t seen one of those before!” Is anyone up for it? Here are some of my favorite pieces of work, so you can see my style:

tricks of the light

her smiles seemed

to illuminate the night

but all her smiles

were tricks of the light

it was real at first

i loved you

with all of my heart

i loved you so much

i was blinded from the start

too happy to see

the cloth you pulled over my eyes

then you shot my heart

and left it there to die

of all the illusions

yours was the worst

because i think it was real at first.

back to me

I keep searching through
the memories
hoping one will bring you back
to me.


the ashes caressed her face,

forever burning her a new name

one where she could feel like a princess for a day

then she lost her shoe,

but a prince found it anew

the crystal glass slipper

fit for none other

except her

who had been a princess

for more then a day

because her heart

wore the crown

that royalty


feedback is appreciated, as always. If you are willing to host a collab blog with me, please put some of your poetry in the comments, so I can see your writing style and such. I’m looking for someone whose poetry style compliments my own, they bring out the best in each other. So we can become our own best poetry selves, right? 😉

your poet,



22 thoughts on “Poetry Collab Blog, Anyone?

  1. I’m not a great fan of poetry (in my mind, somehow they always have to rhyme), but I love your Cinderella poem! Especially the ‘because her heart/ wore the crown/ that royalty/ made

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  2. Hey April!
    I would love to host a collar blog! Oh, and I forgot to mention, I think I don’t want to do the Write Too Much blog anymore, since we’re having a hard time keeping up on posting. So back to your post, I would LOVE to do this. I feel like our poetry style is similar, but mine is a bit more… I dunno, something seems different. Anyhow, here is a poem I wrote…

    It’s so dark

    that means seldom light.

    Leaving edges stark.

    It disturbs my sight.

    Once in awhile,

    through my doors

    a ray of light creeps

    Across the floors,

    it pours and weeps.

    Trudges and wallows

    along the curtains.

    Though no sound follows.

    Of this I am certain.

    I fear the dark,

    but ne’er see anything aside it.

    What does in it lark?

    If only it could be lit.

    People fear the dark.

    Because they fear the thought

    Of not knowing.

    Light, I sought.

    Thus fear they’re sowing.

    If only I had some more light

    to shed upon my heart.

    To let me have flight.

    To let me see skies art.

    I really hope I can do this with you! If there is anything else, just let me know!

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    1. Haha, yes! I would love to host a collab blog with you! Your poetry is so good! Yeah, WTM didn’t work out… I made the site private, so people can see our past postings, but would you mind writing a post about shutting it down? I’m sorta busy right now…


      1. Great! Thank you, so much! unfortunately, it didn’t. Of course, yes. I can write a post saying farewell from the girls. Do you want me to create the site and design it? I would love to do it, if I can.

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    1. Oh, that’s too bad! If you ever do get time, just let me know! OUr poetry styles don’t necessarily have to be the same… just…. compliment each other. Like… PB&J? yea, bad analogy. but theyre very dofferent, but taste good together!

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      1. Okay, so maybe if life stops being so hectic, I’ll let you know! Next week I’m starting school, and it’s gonna be sophomore year … I’ve got some crazy stuff planned!

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                  1. YES IT DOES!!! (sorta … though not the usual high school drama with boys and stuff … more like I’m just dramatic about everything. But, come to think about it, when I was twelve I was dramatic, so maybe you’ll escape … 😉 )


                    1. haha, i dno’t think so. i’ve been a drama queen since 2007.
                      hey! That could be a blog name!
                      The Drama Queen
                      dramtic since ’07
                      it also sounds like jeans… haha!
                      HIGH SCHOOL drama about boys? Um… that doesn’t really happen anymore, i don’t think. thats more middle/elementray school. high school drama is about… other things, i’d rather not type. at least from what i;ve observed.

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                    2. Really? Well, it’s been so long since I’ve been to high school … and even then it was only in books and movies …

                      Yeah … everyone keeps asking me if I have a boyfriend and if not they’re like, “Oh.” I’m apparently not a member of the Awesome Teen Society or whatever. 😉

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                    3. Haha, that sounds like what happened to me… last year… when half of us were still 11… and also in 4th grade… when at least a quarter of us hadn’t even reached double digits…

                      yea, society today! 😛

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                    4. I know, right?! It’s like, “YOU WILL HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! YOU WILL HAVE YOUR HEART BROKEN!!! OR YOU WILL BE A SOCIAL OUTCAST!!! *evil laughter*” 😉

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                    5. Yep, i lost a FOUR AND A HALF year friend over boy drama. Actually, she jsut stopped liking me. TO hang out with boys. And then… well… the rumors weren’t pretty.

                      I can’t believe a sophmore and a 7th grader have the same prblems! what is this world! *shakes head*

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