Tag, You’re It: The Selcouth Award

‘Lo, everyone!

Like my new tag heading?

Yes it’s the best thing in the whole entire world!

Who like Melanie M.?

*dances around and throws hands up*


I’m getting off topic.

Today, I’m here to present to you:


I was nominated by the lovely Coralie Skies. Check out her award post here!

Anyways, let’s jump right in!



(Note: I made my own graphic. Coralie made another lovely image over at her blog, you should check it out!)

Here are my…

Selcouth (2).png

Yay! Alright, let’s get to the questions!

Selcouth (3)Selcouth (4)

(Questions) (Answers)

1. Why did you start writing? When?

Ever since I was a little baby, I’d always had a love of books. The only next logical step was writing, right? It was a way to get all those crazy ideas that decided they’d like to use my head as a swimming pool, out. I once read a quote: 

Being a writer is better then controlling the universe.

Well, duh! When your a writer, you create the universe!

2. What is one thing a non-writer will NEVER understand?


friend: “Hey April! Will you write me a story?”

me: “Sure! About what?”

friend: “Anything!”

me: “OK, it might be a little, since I don’t have a story–“

friend: “Great! Have it by 12 o clock today.”

me: “Bu-b-b-“

friend: “Bye! See you at lunch!


Selcouth (5)

That Took Me WAYYYYYY Too Long

But honestly. I’m not a library! I don’t have stories on demand!

3. Do you feel for your characters? (definition: if you kill them, you mourn them; if you take them from their only love, you cry for them)

Yes! Characters are my little babies and it pains me DEEP to kill my babies. 

I’m so sorry Johnny 😥


(Sorry for the blurriness)

4. What’s your favorite name combination?

Well, my pen name, of course.

*flips hair*

Just kidding. Mostly.

Well, I’m stealing this name from Allie’s blog, but I really like Nova Grace also. Since a week ago.


Also, I like Serendipity James. Sounds cool, right? 😉


feat. really bad edits

I’m so sorry about the blurry images! I always hate when people do that, and now here i am, being a hypocrite. :/

5. When do you write? Is there a particular time?

 Not really, but I like to write late at night.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to write late at night.

It’s a cycle.


Yay! Finally I got my images to be non-blurry!

Usually, I just write when inspiration strikes. And as I’ve been trying to tell my parents/friends (see Q#2)

Selcouth.pngI really don’t know why I’m making so many graphics XD

6. Pantser or planner?

It depends. If I’m really invested, I can write like my pants are on fire (a.k.a. pantsing)…



And also, when I was really young, I’d just dive into a story. But then I’d never finish. Hence the pile of half-finished stories from when I was 6 glaring at me. 

But now, I’ve started planning more. I’ve sort of stuck a stalemate, though, because I don;t write while I plan. :/

7. Who’s your favorite author/writing hero/heroine?

Weeelllll… I’d have to say most of the kid authors I’ve read works from. I just respect that they’re living out their dreams so early! 


I’d have to say Stuart Gibbs! His books are all so funny, and well-written. They never get old!

This is one of his series, Spy School!


He’s actually releasing a new book in October! I can’t wait! He actually has a whole calendar on his site, so here’s a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 1.08.14 PM.png

8. What is your genre and story type (novella, novel, series…etc)?

Um, well, let’s see… I mostly write fantasy and realistic fiction. I’d like to try out history and sci-fi because those seem cool. And… I haven’t actually finished a manuscript, *winces* but my goal is for a novel/series type length.

9. How sucked into a story can you be?

Not that much… only enough so that I retreat into my room for hours at a time and throw a shoe at anybody’s head that tries to disturb me… nothing too overboard, though. 


10. Favorite quote?

I've caught the dreamer's disease.png

It’s also my blog  tagline. 😛

11. Do the names in a story (written by someone else) detract or add to the reading experience?

For me, not that much, but sometimes if a name sounds… really… I don’t know how to describe it.. fake? Like, too perfect. If that’s possible. 🙂

12. What’s your proudest writing achievement?

Probably this blog. With all the contests I’ve participatedIt forces me to do a whole lot of writing I usually wouldn’t! And now I have a fan base, right? 😉 JK! I would never use you all like that.


Maybe, when I was about 7 or 8, I got my poem published in a local magazine! It wasn’t that good, and if you all really wanted, I could post it…

But I wrote it when I was 7.

‘Nuff said.

13. And, lastly, where do you get your inspirations?

I know this sounds cheesy, but from the world around me! The world has so many things going on, it’s almost impossible not to get some sort of inspiration. If I see someone has a quirk, a quote from a book, a funny story my friend told me: utilize it! Inspiration is a fountain, don’t cut off the flow!


Definition of 2 beautiful word:

(Edits not made by me)



Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about me!

Now, for my questions:


  • What is your favorite type of character? (Snarky, caring, rude, etc.)
  • Who is your favorite character from your WIP?
  • Romance or nah? (In reading & writing)
  • Favorite writing utensil?
  • Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what genre/artist?
  • Electronics or paper? (To write on)
  • Do you have a time of day you like to write?
  • A special place you like to write?
  • Do you base your style off another author?
  • What book have you read the most?
  • What is your favorite genre to read?
  • Do you like to read/write fanfiction?
  • Who do you write for? (Yourself, your friends, your parents. etc.)


Have fun! Comment a link down below with your responses!


blog to you soon,



40 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It: The Selcouth Award

  1. I totally steal inspiration from real people in my life too!!😂 NO ONE IS SAFE FROM WE WRITERS. And I borrow names and quirks and omg just about everything. Today I saw someone in a really cool outfit and I’m like “I’m basically crafting a whole story around that zany cool outfit”. #noregrets hehe
    Oh planning is great! I do so much planning! I do tend to turn my inspiration on and off though…like can’t wait for it to turn up when it feels like! I find if I force myself enough, it’ll happen!😂

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


      1. Good, we’re going to star posting stuff on Saturdays, we’ll probably start next Saturday, not sure yet, depends on the amount of schoolwork I have. how are you?


    1. Wow, thank you so much! I’m so glad you think so, I put a lot of work into them. 😀 I’m glad! Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and I hope to see you around the blogosphere! 🙂


  2. Ah, this is such a lovely post/tag! I enjoyed reading everything, and I LOVED the graphics (good work!)! This might be the only time I read a post without skipping anything AWESOME answers!!! *showers you with confetti for being witty AND informative*

    P.S. I think you saw the ‘Being a writer is better than controlling the universe’ quote on my old signature? Because I think I made it up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I’m honored! I’m glad you like the graphics, they took a little while 🙂 *catches confetti*
      P.S. Oh, oops! Sorry for bashing it a little bit :/ I’ll go back, edit the post, and give you credit! (and try to be a little nicer 😉 )


            1. It’s totally OK! I feel the same. 🙂
              Um, well, thankfully, I don;t get this alot. Usually, I have to decide if I need to work through it, plan something out a little better, or binge-watch Netflix. Sometimes I check instagram, becasue you see the craziest posts on there! What about you?

              Liked by 1 person

                  1. No, you aren’t alone. I don’t even remember I thought of complete plotline. 😂😂
                    Btw, did you ever feel this way that your story is not completely original. Being a fantasy writer, this feeling makes me regret that I can’t come up with original ideas.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. YES! All the time! I feel like my current WIP is just a hodgepodge of things said and done before. I think th ekey is you have to put your own little twist on it, so people won’t say you write like xxx, people will say ttt writes like YOU.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. It’s good to know that I am not alone feeling this way. Because all the fantastic things are already taken up.
                      And you know, a writer doesn’t copy the ideas, the writer steals the idea. *devil laughs* 😁

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. That’s the great thing about the universe– there’s always room for more incredible ideas, because the only place wonderful ideas take up space is your head.

                      We don’t copy! We just take your idea and use it word-for-word!

                      JK! It’s completely different to be inspired then copy.

                      Well, it was nice talking to you! i have to go get ready for bed, but I hope we can talk again soon!

                      Liked by 1 person

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