The Inside Scoop On The Lady Of The Vineyard, Part Two…

Hello, all!

Now, I am not as far back in the past, just… about 12 hours ago!

Isn’t that cool?

Oh, and I just want to say thanks for all the โค i got on my last post! I am SO glad you guys liked it! Did you see a moon tonight? I did!

Well, I got through my first day of school ๐Ÿ™‚

It was so great seeing all my friends again, and we already have plans to get together! Yay!

Did you see that the new iPhone came out? I did, and it’s so cool!

The jet black is so shiny! AHHH!

And my friend gets it, but not me. :/

But that’s OK! I have you guys instead ๐Ÿ™‚


Well, unless you count this one time when I was 6, but I just sat in the middle of the field, and when my mom asked me why I was doing that, i said, (quote unquote) “That I was saving my energy.”

WOW, i was such a piece of work!

Well, again, enough rambles. You want to hear about the CHARACTER INTERVIEW with TROY KEE from kellyn’s new novella! Yep, it’s back again!

You just couldn’t get enough, could you? ๐Ÿ˜‰



Character Interview! Woo Hoo!

(Questions)ย (Troy) (Me)


1. Why did you decide to grow a vineyard?

I inherited it, actually, from an eccentric great uncle who apparently loved fine wines. On my own, I probably would have worked at a grocery store or something. Much more social. Although I admit everyone on the Riviera knows me now.

yes, I’ve always wanted to visit France! The Riviera sounds lovely!

2. What is your favorite part of France?

The lack of rain. I love the sun, but the rain I can’t stand. It rains a lot less in France than in England. And, of course, I’m awful about cold … it drives me crazy. I sleep under five layers of blankets in the summer.

We’re opposites, then! I hardly ever get cold! ๐Ÿ˜›

3. Do you consider yourself a family man?

I do. I think if I had a choice in the matter, I’d have something like four kids. And a cat. It doesn’t seem like home without a cat that was the kitten your daughter begged you to let her keep.


4. Where did you meet Adele?

I walked into her flower shop and introduced myself.


Aww, how romantic!

5. How would you describe your relationship with Judy?

She’s probably my favorite person in the world at the moment. I love her to death, and I don’t see letting anything or anyone take her away from me again ever.

I love your devotion to her, you sound like the best father girl could ask for! ๐Ÿ˜€

-note: I don’t want any of you getting worried, I have a good relationship with my real life dad and i love him very much. <3-

6. Why did you decide to re-enter Judy’s life now?

Can I tell you a secret?

Of course!

I’ve made it my business to check up on Della and Judy every once in a while. After all, Della is so helpless and Judy’s just a little girl … I wasn’t sure if they’d be all right.

I can understand where you’re coming from… most of the time Adele can act like a little girl herself! ๐Ÿ˜€

She wouldn’t accept money and of course she didn’t contact me at all, and I suppose I was feeling too sorry for myself these last half a dozen years to do anything about it.

Anyway, I liked to kind of casually stroll by the shop every year or two just to make sure she was still there, still seemed to be making enough money, and that Judy seemed to be doing well.

That’s so sweet of you!

But I came to London on business around Judy’s birthday and after seeing her on the street … well, I just had to go up and see more of her!

Judy does have that kind of effect!

7. Why did you leave London?

Partially because after my parents died and our home was sold, I had nowhere to go other than the eccentric great uncle’s vineyard, but also because I hate London. Abominable city. Can’t hear yourself think.



8. Who is your closest friend?

Harrington. He was a family friend of the Kees’ … well, the son of a family friend of the Kees’. After my parents died, he took Millie and I to the vineyard and made sure the inheritance was kept in order while we were too young to take care of it. He’s a dozen or so years older than me, and I have friends closer my age, but … well, he’s like a father to me. Even though he’s a bit too young to be my father.

9. What is your favorite color?

Yes, I’m serious! Why wouldn’t I be?



And on that note, Mr. Kee will have to be leaving us today. I hope you enojyed getting to know Troy a little better!


confused about her favorite color,



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