Tag, You’re It: The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey, everyone! Long time, no see. I know that was my fault, but 7th grade is a lotttttttt more hectic than I thought. But i think I’m getting a consistent schedule going, so I should be coming back to blogging soon!


Now you all celebrate! JK :p

What have you all been up to? I’m so sorry I haven’t been more active on your blogs. Please tell me about what’s happening in your lives!

So, I come bearing gifts! Please forgive me for my absentness, for I have an award!

Everyone really seemed to like my last award post, so here I come again!

I was nominated by the lovely Allie M. of The Wonderous Life of Allie M.

Let’s go!

(if you’re wondering about the image and the masks, it because each mask represents something different, and being able to easily switch between the masks makes you versatile. [hence the name])




7 Random Facts:

  1. I play the clarinet and guitar. Now, I haven’t picked up my guitar in a little, but I’d really like to get back into it! Now, here’s a little insight into the clarinet player’s life…


Broken Reeds will be the death of me. UGH!!

On more exciting news, I’m playing in a band concert tonight! I’m playing with my friend S., and these are some of the most challenging pieces I’ve ever played! I’m really happy I got selected because I feel I’ve developed more playing skills, and my fingers can move faster.

2.     I’m auditioning for a play at my local theater in November. It’s performing Footloose! One of my friends I haven’t seen in a while is auditioning too. If we both get in, I’m really looking forward to the chance to reconnect with her!

On a more sour note, someone who has been consistently rude to me is also auditioning… I just hope he’ll keep it professional.


Have any of you ever participated in a musical? Maybe even Footloose?

3.      I love to sing/ listen to music. Like, seriously. I do it so much it’s not even funny. In fact, I’m probably doing one of those two things as you read this! 😛 My favorite song is… Well, you’ll find out in Tuesday’s Tunes! (Which actually will be happening this week!)


4.       I try to give back. To my community, friends, family… People describe me as very empathetic, which I like. Sometimes I can be a little too empathetic though which brings me to my next fact…

5.        I can’t hold a grudge. The longest I’ve ever been mad at someone is 2 weeks… and that was when they almost gave me a concussion, pushed me into a locker, and was repeatedly rude to me and my sibling. I really need to work on that. :/


6.      I love brussel sprouts. Everyone always thinks of them as, like, the “devil” vegetable, but when they’re cooked right… DELISH!

7.     I do, however, hold a considerable am0unt of hate for the other taboo vegetable, Lima Beans! UGH, UGH, UGH! If any of you like lima beans, please explain how… ’cause I just don’t understand it.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…



Well, it was nice to be blogging again! I hope to see you in the comments!




10 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It: The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for tagging me, April!!! I just finished the post! Hey, can you design my newest site, The Writer’s Desk? It’s a writing website, and I REALLY need it to have a design… here is the link. thewritersdesksite.wordpress.com


  2. AAAaaaAAAAAaaaaaaa i haaate lima beans too! and i like brussel sprouts :)!
    honestly, i think if someone pushed me in a locker, gave me a concussion, and was rude to me and my sibling, i would probably hate them forever. so i think two weeks is a really reasonable amount of time to be mad at someone for doing that to you, and that means you’re really kind! but wow, that’s so mean! who would do that?!?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG YES! XD
      well, to be fair, almost gave me a concussion. thankfully, it didn’t happen. right now we’re sort of in a keep your friends close but enemies closer relationship… we’ll never be friends like we used to. She’s done to much. But she kept bothering me so i was like: “i dont have the energy for this.”
      and for your last question:
      my “friend.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oooh, le sarcasm alert
        I’m glad you didn’t get a concussion, that would have been terrible. i get it that you don’t want to be friends with her, i try to avoid people i don’t like too. honestly that’s so mean. only a real “friend” could do that.

        Liked by 1 person

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