the uneaten vegetable {poem}

hello everyone! today i thought I’d share with you a poem from my collection on wattpad. It’s titled For(Gotten) You. click this link if you liked this poem and would like to read more!

The Uneaten Vegetable

 i’ve never been sought out from the crowd,

instead blending in with the masses

unnoticeable, maybe,

because i don’t wear bright colors

i don’t push

im polite

 i respect those who deserve it.

i am the participation trophy,

that gets moved aside for the gold.

 im just a girl

who could be called “nothing special”.

i am the vegetable on your plate that doesn’t get eaten.


be sure to comment what you thought!

a cool little embedded story thingy:

*crosses fingers it worked*


thanks for reading,

april mclauren.


9 thoughts on “the uneaten vegetable {poem}

  1. Very enlightening of a poem! In no way could it be misinterpreted, by which I commend you. Many people, not only girls, have the thought of being “nothing special”. To get past this, look in the mirror. Do you see your imperfections? Everyone sees their flaws. Love yourself before all else then look in that mirror again. Do you see imperfections or you? Aside from the post, your grammar is appealing, and I have no idea why. It just seems so friendly. Great post!

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  2. That’s cool! I like the words you use, and the title, and … the last line, especially. It’s really good. (I’m not likely to call this prose than poetry, but I’m weird … 😛 ) Anyway, I would head over to Wattpad to read more, but I don’t have a Wattpad account. I used to have one two or three years later, but I didn’t have my parents permission and they were upset and I got in trouble and … yep. That was back in the days when I thought my parents DIDN’T have eyes in the back of their heads. 😉 So, yeah, I’m scared to ask now even though I’m older …

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