Which Book Would I: Burn, Rewrite, Or Re-Read? (12/19/16)

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That’s right, my blog series of  Which Book Would I: Burn, Rewrite, Or Re-Read is back!


A nice little surprise for almost-2017, huh?

Past Posts:

Which Book Would I: Burn, Rewrite, & Reread? (7/12/16)

Burn, Rewrite, & Reread Books!

Round 1:

The Spy School Series (Books 1-3) 

image from: http://stuartgibbs.com/


  1. Spy School by Stuart Gibbs
  2. Spy Camp by Stuart Gibbs
  3. Evil Spy School by Stuart Gibbs


I would burn Spy School even though I loved it. It was just the one I loved the least. There was plenty of action, although it was just lacking one of the key components I liked in the other books… which is why it’s going to the fire. Sorry, Ben.


Evil Spy School. I just didn’t like the plot twist at the end, although it was balanced out with a nice little surprise at the end of the book… I loved all the action and fighting scenes, though. It also had a nice message thrown in there about appearances… and definitely don’t underestimate the female of the species.


And… the medal goes to… well, I guess you’ve figured it out by now. Congratulations, Spy Camp! I loved the friendly banter between Erica and her Dad. Also, we got to see even more of Erica’s extensive espionage skills. And in general, the storyline was just my favorite out of all of them. Mixed with humor, it gets the gold!

spy camp #1.png

Talk to me! Do you like this series? Are you glad its back? Hope to see you in the comments!

Merry almost-2017,

April ❤


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