BIBPC 1&2- plants and sculptures?

Hello everyone, and guess what…

{the title totally didnt give it away at all}

I’m participating in BIBPC again!


contest: boring into beautiful

host: megan

team: owl

points: 40

categories: blue and the view from above


The View From Above

yes, this is from above. its really hard to tell, though.

story behind the photo: one night i finished my homework very early, so i decided to take some pictures. I found my subject, the reading man, in the corner of the playroom. i took many different photos of him, but… they just weren’t interesting, attention catching. so i tried a different subject- a fake potted plant. still boring. then i got to thinking- what if i combined the two? and so… plant-man was born.

Something Blue

sorry about the blurriness *rolls eyes* picture uploading services do not like me.

story behind the photo: i went boating in a lake near my house and this is the boat’s wake. it was fun! 😀

well, thats all for today!





9 thoughts on “BIBPC 1&2- plants and sculptures?

  1. I found your blog through BIBPC because I’m participating too! I’m on Team Fox and my picture was featured when Megan announced category 2!!! I liked your wave photo! 😀

    Which team will win, we all wonder????? 😛

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