a quote ii

It’s Sunday…

As in last day of the weekend Sunday…

As in go back to school Monday Sunday…


Also, April’s incredibly busy homework doing superbowl watching Sunday.

So I decided Sundays shall be for quotes. :))

past quote



I love space references in quotes… this one hit me hard. It’s so beautiful… and the image behind it…


what do you think of when you read this quote? are you strange and love space references like me? are you as in love with the image as i am?

until next time,




15 thoughts on “a quote ii

  1. Agh! That was beautiful! My favorite part of it would definitely be “with souls made of flames, we’re all just stars with people names”. So gorgeous! I love how it goes from factual and sciency and numbery to something deep and thoughtful and meaningful. 😛

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