BIBPC IV- something new {but nothing borrowed, and nothing blue}

Hello friends!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Because it’s time for BIBPC!Β Whoo! *cheers*


contest: boring into beautiful

host: megan

team: owl

points: 192 <- we’re dragging a little behind, but i know we’ll catch up…

category: new



The images won’t align… *growls* and isn’t that owl so cute?



quotes on the bracelets, top to bottom:
inhale, exhale
though she be but little she is fierce
have courage & be kind

story behind the photo:Β i couldn’t go outside. i started looking around my room for something new: i searched through books, jewelry, games… then my eyes fell on the (very late) christmas gifts from my family: the bracelets. i experimented with flash (i decided to go with on), backgrounds (candle holder and clay fountain), and voila! the finished product.


are you participating in BIBPC? what team are you on? did you like my photo? have you submitted an entry? leave the link! or do you just wanna chat? say hi!





33 thoughts on “BIBPC IV- something new {but nothing borrowed, and nothing blue}

      1. Hello, April! I just started taking photos. I didn’t know about the teams. I’m not sure if I want to participate at this time because I want to be consistent with the posting photos if I play. Not sure if I have time for that. I’ll keep an eye on your blog and see if there is room for me later. Thanks!

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