and april dreams comes to an end

hello all, for the last time.

this is such a bittersweet experience for me. when I started this blog in June 2016, I was so excited. And I became even more excited… you all have never disappointed me.

i started this blog because i wanted a creative outlet… and it served its purpose. after taking a break from my blog these few weeks, i became more relaxed, care free, and less stressed.

however, i cant leave all of my new blogging friends behind. so i will still be commenting and reading other blogs. its just not right for me anymore… i need some pressure relief.

my personal health was declining… and with camp coming up… and blogging started to feel like a chor, not an enjoyable exercise.

AH GUYS THIS PAINS ME SO MUCH YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. i’ve been struggling with this decision, but I know it has to be made.

I hope that reading my bog meant something to you. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts as much as I loved writing and sharing them with you. ❤ ❤

im leaving to a new wordpress update too… which sucks because i love it so so much.


my site will still be left up. I’ll still respond to comments and the like. feel free to chat with me through here.

*is sad*

i recently joined a collab blog, and I will still be blogging through that. you can check it out here.

well, i hope you all remember that each and every one of you are stars, and nothing can douse your light.

you all are amazing.

for it to end as it began-


april ❤


47 thoughts on “and april dreams comes to an end

  1. Hi April! I received your request to post on OVM!! I’d love to have you, and decided to write this way because you don’t have an email. Would you be able to use a GroupMe or any other way to communicate? If not it’s fine we can figure it out but it would be easier if we could talk. I’ll still add you to OVM so that you can be a part of the team!!

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  2. Oh, I’m sorry I read this post late, April! *cries* I’m going to miss your blog so much! AARRGGHHH I can’t believe it I didn’t see this coming AARRGGHHH *faints*

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  3. Awww, April! *huggles very much* I understand why you have to go, but…it’s so sad! (and the writer part of me is going to mention that this post was written really well and emotionally and it’s wonderful even in its sadness aghh) *convinces self that you’re still going to be around and it’s going to be okay*

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    1. *huggles back* i know i was tearing up as i wrote this post *cries* (it is an honor to be recognized by The Writer Part of you ❤ ❤ )
      yes, i'll still be around… you didnt think you could get rid of me that easily? XD 😉

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  4. Oh April I’m so sorry to hear you’re leaving 😦 I was looking forward to getting to know you a bit more, but you come first obviously. Take care of yourself, blogging shouldn’t be a chore and you should come first, obviously. I wish you all the best and hope to see you around, whether you decide to come back a bit to blogging, just to say hi or anything else. Sending you lots of love! xx

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  5. okay, i have to be honest. my first reaction was literally ‘WHAT WHAT WHAT’, and then it was ‘NOHOHOHOHO’, and then it was ‘WHYYYYYYYY’, and then i came to terms with it. ish. point is, i understand and respect your decision, and i am quite sad, of course, but if you’re happy, then it’s cool. or should i say… cool beans?? 😉
    have a nice day, and i’ll miss you lots. 🙂

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  6. Ah, that’s too bad, April! I’m going to miss you! You’re a star, too. I was so privileged so see your dreams for a while, and I hope we can keep in contact in one way or another! Maybe someday in the distant future you’re return to blogging? I hope so!

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  7. Nononononooooo! Agh this is so sad . . . But I’m glad that you were able to recognize when it wasn’t something you enjoyed any more. You just keep doing your thing and continue being the awesome girl you are! ❤

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  8. No, April. Tell me I am in a dream right now. X_x… Anyways, I will miss your blog. Your posts were, no ARE entertaining and funny… I hope you return again one day to the blogosphere for this blogosphere can’t live without your funny posts. Meanwhile, I am sure we will all be waiting for you. 🙂 #returnsoon!

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  9. 😦 You were my first blogging friend April so it’s really sad to see you go. You’re such an inspirational blogger and you are who I strive to model my blog after. I’m glad that you are taking time for yourself and recognizing that blogging isn’t fun anymore. I’m sorry that blogging has become a chore for you and I’m going to miss both you and your posts. I’m glad you’re still going to be around to comment, though 🙂 . We’ll all miss you April and I hope you know how much you meant to all of us 🙂

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    1. D: im going to miss you Ameile D: im sad to go as wellll and omg thank you so much i cant even describe how much this comment means to me ❤ its so weird to think that my blog inspired others… im so glad!
      you are so sweet. ❤ ❤

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  10. Aww April I’m really sad to see you leave…you will be so missed! 🙂 Please never forget that you are super AMAZING and your blog is an inspiration to others. I haven’t known you for too long but goodbyes are never easy, no matter who it is. I wish that you could continue to keep on blogging but sometimes you need to put yourself before others. Once blogging became a chore it was time to find a new hobby to love and adore and I’m really proud you had the courage to accept that. Again thank you for being such a lovely blogger not only to me but to the rest of the blogging community. And so the new adventure begins………<3

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    1. I’m sad to be leaving… but it’s the right decision for me. :/ aww thankyou so much im so happy people enjoyed reading my blog! i cant wait to keep getting to know you…
      aww thank you again!! ❤
      yes, a new adventure does begin. 😀

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  11. omg april no i can’t even wut you were the inspiration that started my blog you reignited the spark in me and now you’re telling me that your spark has been extinguished agh no apriiiiiiiiiiil ❤

    however much i will miss your posts (i was just thinking about this last night) i understand why you made this decision and i will always be your friend and i will never forget that you were the one who gave me the courage to start my own blog may you let your spirit roam free and your dreams fly high ❤

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    1. agh May ilysm ❤ ❤ your blog is amazing and i feel like a good little mother bord and now her baby bird is flying freeeeeeee ❤
      im so glad we can still be friends and tomatoes wont be thrown at me and aww same to you boo ❤

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