2016 In Review, 2017 Resolutions

Hello all! So, as you know from my post yesterday, April Dreams has been around for 6 years. Here are my end of 2016 stats-

67 (68 posts)

3,740 views (can I make it to 3,750 by the end of the year? :))

893 visitors

164 followers (OMG guys, this blew my goal of 150 out of the water)

675 comments (Wow, thank you all so much!)

As you can see, I’m over the moon with these stats. Now, enough with that boring stuff. Let’s get to the year in review.

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My Future Dream Writing Office & Some Very Important Updates

Hello, everybody!

Recently, I have received a lot of comments asking if I’ve deleted my blog. This time around with changing my URL, there has been a lot of confusion, so I’d like to try and clear that up

  1. I haven’t deleted Liv Dreams. April Dreams is the same blog, except with a different name and URL.
  2. April Dreams is still under construction. However, one thing that will never be changing again is the URL.
  3. I am switching to my author name. It is April McLauren. I explain more here.
  4. I am trying to “rebrand” my blog. That means my images will have a certain quality about them that is consistent. What that quality is, I’m not sure yet, but I think it will have something to do with stars.
  5. I have a new header! *claps* I would appreciate it if you;d check it out!
  6. The school year is almost upon me (2 1/2 more weeks,) and that brings me to my next point!
  7. New School Year Posting Schedule! Yay!
  8. *throws confetti*

Here is the link:

April Dreams Posting Schedule Descriptions

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I Tell You About My Latest Music Obsession//We Have A Nice Chat Over Tea & Biscuits


I feel like I’ve been bombarding you with posts just to meet a deadline. So I decided I’d just like to sit, chat, and relax! So, now I can tell you…

I have recently discovered my favorite teardrop in the ocean we call music.

1 word:


Yes, that’s right.


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Being A Writer

Hello, everyone!

This is just a quick little thing I was thinking about.

I was reading a blog post, and it said it contained book spoilers. So I went to work on my WorldBuilding board instead. (More about that in another post.)

I started writing down some stuff that would need to be built upon at the end of the story. Then I started thinking about that blog post again. I really wanted to read the character study, but it spoiled the ending. Then I started thinking about any spoilers that might’ve been in MY blog post. (Thankfully, there were none 😀 ) But…

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