and april dreams comes to an end

hello all, for the last time.

this is such a bittersweet experience for me. when I started this blog in June 2016, I was so excited. And I became even more excited… you all have never disappointed me.

i started this blog because i wanted a creative outlet… and it served its purpose. after taking a break from my blog these few weeks, i became more relaxed, care free, and less stressed.

however, i cant leave all of my new blogging friends behind. so i will still be commenting and reading other blogs. its just not right for me anymore… i need some pressure relief.

my personal health was declining… and with camp coming up… and blogging started to feel like a chor, not an enjoyable exercise.

AH GUYS THIS PAINS ME SO MUCH YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. i’ve been struggling with this decision, but I know it has to be made.

I hope that reading my bog meant something to you. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts as much as I loved writing and sharing them with you. ❤ ❤

im leaving to a new wordpress update too… which sucks because i love it so so much.


my site will still be left up. I’ll still respond to comments and the like. feel free to chat with me through here.

*is sad*

i recently joined a collab blog, and I will still be blogging through that. you can check it out here.

well, i hope you all remember that each and every one of you are stars, and nothing can douse your light.

you all are amazing.

for it to end as it began-


april ❤