Tag, You’re It: The Selcouth Award

‘Lo, everyone!

Like my new tag heading?

Yes it’s the best thing in the whole entire world!

Who like Melanie M.?

*dances around and throws hands up*


I’m getting off topic.

Today, I’m here to present to you:


I was nominated by the lovely Coralie Skies. Check out her award post here!

Anyways, let’s jump right in!

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Encouragement For Writers

Hello, lovelies!

This is a reblog from Cora @ Cora&Calli. She wrote a great post about writer encouragement that you should totally check out!

Well, that’s all for now.



Seeing as it’s the first week of school for some, and November *gasps* is barrelling our way, I’d like to give a few encouragement for writers😉 If you’re procrastinating, Be glad that you are. At least you’re delaying something that you’re going to do instead of not planning to do anything at all. If you don’t […]

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BIBPC #1 & 2

Hello, everybody! I have decided to participate in BIBPC, hosted by Megan!

Information Station

Host: Megan




Categories: Fuzzy Things & Drops

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Blog Review #1- The Sounds Of Grace

Hear ye, hear ye! It’s time for the first blog review!

I will be reviewing The Sounds Of Gracewritten by Esther.

My reviews will be constructed in a simple format:



Logo (If applicable)



Overall Ratings

Each section will have an individual rating. At the end, I will give my overall rating.

Whew! So now we’ve got that over with, let the blog reviewing begin!

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New Blog(s)!

Heya, y’all!

no I am not southern.

So, at the end of a post a… week ago? Whoah, was it really that long? I posted a short little blurb about my new photography blog. The tagline is still under work, actually the whole blog is. But I was really excited to get it up, so I posted it! It has 3 posts now, so I hope you like it! The blog is 90% photography! I hope you check it out and give it a follow! Now, what you’ve all been waiting for…


In My Camera Eye




Series Snacks!

Hello! As promised, I am back with your new post. I decided I’d start a new weekly post, and this is what I came up with:

Blog Button & Blog Tags.jpg

I know, I know. Harry Potter snacks are clichê. But they sound delicious, and I liked the series, so I’m going write about them. If you have a request for a series I should do , comment! You can reblog the recipes, but if you use the picture, please give me credit for the by giving a link to https://aprilmclauren.wordpress.com. Also, please credit me for the series idea, not the recipes. Thanks!

DISCLAIMER: These recipes are from the web, not my own. I will credit them properly. If they are my own, I will tell you. Please don’t blame me/ the recipe if you don’t like it. Thanks!

This week we are making: Butterbeer, Pumpkin Juice, Honey Lemon Tea, Blackberry Fruit Jellies, & Breakfast Casserole.

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Hi, everybody! This is my new blog. I used to run https://thoughtsontwelve.blogspot.com/ , but there were some features I wanted on WordPress, so, here I am! This is going to be a writing/experiences blog. I am still setting up, so bear with me. During the month of July, you are going to see a lot of Camp NaNo postings. You will also see some Wattpad stuff about my poem book, For(Gotten) You. If you’re doing Camp NaNo, comment what you’re working on! I’ll post soon!