Tuesday’s Tunes: Winter Edition (12/20/16)

That’s right, it’s back, and with a special winter graphic to boot.


Hey y’all! It’s April… again. Yep, two posts in a row. Winter break really treats my readers nicely, huh?

Who’s excited for Christmas? Hanukah? Kwanzaa? Any special traditions?

^^If you don’t see your holiday up there, TELL ME! It will be added ASAP.


((OK, on a completely unrelated note, can anyone here actually make a decent snowman? If so, tell me your secrets. My snow families sorta… fall over. And lose their heads. I know, whatta great mom I am.))

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And That’s Who I Am, Part 2






I completely forgot I needed to do part 2 of my “And That’s Who I Am” Posts!

So, for my 1-day-late blogiversary,

I’ll be finishing it up!

Let’s go, c’mon!

*turns and runs deeper into a [setting of your choice]*

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