The Inside Scoop On The Lady Of The Vineyard By Kellyn Roth, Part One… Author Interview

No, I am not ashamed of that long title.


Oh, and…

this is a scheduled post.

Sorry about that… but school is starting, and I couldn’t switch my days for the blog tour!

*ducks from rotten tomatoes*

I know, I know… you guys want to know what’s happening the day of!

But… think of this post like a time machine.

You can all go back to Tuesday, September 6th!

What’s happening today:

Um… nothing much, really. XD

Well… I jut found out I get to start 7th grade with NO school supplies because the shipping company had a delay…*growls* *throws fit* UPS!! UGH!!

Oh, and on top of that…

I basically forgot how to speak Spanish and I have a packet due on Friday! Well, today for all of you reading this. 😉 So, on top of being unprepared, I’m going to satrt of my first year getting letter grades with an


But enough of me being dramatic! You want to hear about Kellyn’s book!

Well, let’s get started, because I don’t want to dodge anymore tomatoes!

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Being A Writer

Hello, everyone!

This is just a quick little thing I was thinking about.

I was reading a blog post, and it said it contained book spoilers. So I went to work on my WorldBuilding board instead. (More about that in another post.)

I started writing down some stuff that would need to be built upon at the end of the story. Then I started thinking about that blog post again. I really wanted to read the character study, but it spoiled the ending. Then I started thinking about any spoilers that might’ve been in MY blog post. (Thankfully, there were none 😀 ) But…

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