New Blog(s)!

Heya, y’all!

no I am not southern.

So, at the end of a post a… week ago? Whoah, was it really that long? I posted a short little blurb about my new photography blog. The tagline is still under work, actually the whole blog is. But I was really excited to get it up, so I posted it! It has 3 posts now, so I hope you like it! The blog is 90% photography! I hope you check it out and give it a follow! Now, what you’ve all been waiting for…


In My Camera Eye






Hi, everybody! This is my new blog. I used to run , but there were some features I wanted on WordPress, so, here I am! This is going to be a writing/experiences blog. I am still setting up, so bear with me. During the month of July, you are going to see a lot of Camp NaNo postings. You will also see some Wattpad stuff about my poem book, For(Gotten) You. If you’re doing Camp NaNo, comment what you’re working on! I’ll post soon!