Encouragement For Writers

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This is a reblog from Cora @ Cora&Calli. She wrote a great post about writer encouragement that you should totally check out!

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Seeing as it’s the first week of school for some, and November *gasps* is barrelling our way, I’d like to give a few encouragement for writers😉 If you’re procrastinating, Be glad that you are. At least you’re delaying something that you’re going to do instead of not planning to do anything at all. If you don’t […]

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Being A Writer

Hello, everyone!

This is just a quick little thing I was thinking about.

I was reading a blog post, and it said it contained book spoilers. So I went to work on my WorldBuilding board instead. (More about that in another post.)

I started writing down some stuff that would need to be built upon at the end of the story. Then I started thinking about that blog post again. I really wanted to read the character study, but it spoiled the ending. Then I started thinking about any spoilers that might’ve been in MY blog post. (Thankfully, there were none 😀 ) But…

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