a poem- no angel

today, I bring to you a poem. enjoy 🙂

-no angel-


angel turns to devil,
day turns to night:
devil turns to angel,
just can’t make up it’s mind.

though for every speck of good,
there are two bad,
though for through the winter,
light is barely had-

angel bright like day,
devil dark like night;

both vying for attention,
who’ll win the fight?

inspired by:

love beyoncé ❤


any tips for me? have you listened to this song? have you written anything inspired off of a song? comment!

forever dreaming,



11 thoughts on “a poem- no angel

  1. Ahhhh, I’m crying this is amazing? Like how are you such an amazing poet? At least for me I really enjoyed the line “though for through the winter,
    light is barely had-”
    Like for some reason that stuck in my mind? (I don’t know why I keep using ‘likes’ and ‘?’ but oh well).
    But overall this is amazing, I’m crying and I seriously need to read more of your writing 🙂 !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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