Day 2; without water- 365 Days of Poetry


I really liked this poem, from about a week ago, and I thought I’d share it with you. Sorry for no posts, school is so hectic! But I am doing a cool art project that should be done Friday. Would you be interested in seeing?

water is 92% of me,
.92 parts of me.
92/100ths of me.

without water,
we’re 8% of our former selves,
only .08 parts of us,
8/100ths what we were;

with less than 10% left of me,
<.10 parts of me,
<10/100ths of me-

i am an empty glass.

what kind of person is that?

Did you like this poem? Would you like to see more like this? Have you written anything similar? Comment, I love to chat!


april mclauren

PS, play auditions are happening! I should be posting about that Saturday, after the cast list is hopefully posted. Are you participating in any plays?

365 Days of Poetry Challenge (& a couple photos)

Hello all,

this is just a quick little update post. an author update post. remember when I did one of those?



But never fear! Your update post is here!


In addition to really focusing on my novel writing this year, I decided to focus on my poetry as well. I heard of the 365K challenge from my friend Lana, and this blossomed from that general idea.

I knew that my schedule was much too hectic to write 1K a day. So I decided to write a poem a day instead. I call it the (so original, I know) 365 Days of Poetry Challenge!


My challenge will be going toward my new poem book on Wattpad, which you can find here. This is much better than my last poem book, and I’m really proud of it so far. That brings me to the topic of For(Gotten) You.

If any of you would like to join me, feel free! It’d be great for the extra encouragement!

On December 30th, I finished For(Gotten) You at a total of 50 poems. I was over the moon with excitement. But I also felt like I had maybe cheated a little to get there, so I plan on fixing that.

By cheating, I mean not doing my best quality writing in order to publish a new part, and getting too caught up in views and likes.

I decided to right that by rewriting the whole book by hand. I’ve found that poem writing in a notebook is very helpful for me. It just gives me this connection between pencil and page. I’m really excited, because I also love to go out and buy journals.

I was inspired to do this because, for my poetry challenge, I am using a journal. I’ve never really handwritten before, so this is an exciting new experience!


The journal I am using for the poetry challenge! 

Looking back through the book, I’ve seen that at times I didn’t use my best writing skills. In editing, I hope to change that. If you want to read For(Gotten) You {click}, that is also on Wattpad.


the inside of my journal 😀




The inside cover. I will explain the name at a later date 😉 



Well, I hope you enjoyed that little update. I always enjoy reading other’s so I thought I’d give you one.

Will you be participating in the poetry challenge?


April McLauren


let’s fill up this blank page!

2016 In Review, 2017 Resolutions

In which I summarize 2016 and set goals for 2017.

Hello all! So, as you know from my post yesterday, April Dreams has been around for 6 years. Here are my end of 2016 stats-

67 (68 posts)

3,740 views (can I make it to 3,750 by the end of the year? :))

893 visitors

164 followers (OMG guys, this blew my goal of 150 out of the water)

675 comments (Wow, thank you all so much!)

As you can see, I’m over the moon with these stats. Now, enough with that boring stuff. Let’s get to the year in review.

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6 Month Blogiversary (& SURPRISE!)

Well, we made it. April Dreams has been around for half a year. We’ve been through many things- name changes, blog name changes, blog URL name changes, but one thing that has never changed is how much I love all of you.

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Re-Evaluating The Purpose of NaNo (& GIFS)

in which I reflect on my first nano and what I could’ve done better + the lessons i learned… with some GIFS to make my point.

Hello, guys!

So, I recently joined a group on YWP NaNo called The Super Awesome Writing Club. Its been giving me lots of motivation to write/edit. So I sat down at my computer, opened the NaNo writing program, and stared at my 30K words…

of pure crap.

That’s right, you read that correctly. This is how I turned 30K words into a still shrinking 9K.

I wrote two stories during NaNo. I decided to focus on one called (title in progress) Behind Locker Doors: Middle School Exposed.

…Basically. Why not put my crazy friends to use?

So that already put me down to about 18K.

I was all: “Hey, not too shabby for half of my NaNo WC!”

Happy go lucky-ily,  I replaced all my NaNo rambling chapters with the edited chapters, for a grand total of…

6 freakin K.

So I added back in the unedited, in progress chapters… 9K. Just 9K! I was astonished and surprised. What happened to my words of pure gold? I lost half of my word count. Which brings us to the post…


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Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good Night

hello everyone! I hope your Christmas was splendiferous!

Mine certainly was. 

I got a new phone (My first!)

With a good camera to take pictures of my Christmas tree,

the ornaments,

And me!

That’s right, I’m the girl who wears shorts in the winter. LOL!

I also got a very pretty box,

containing earrings


I also got another pair,

and an Alex & Ani Bracelet.

We had Santa around the house…

For Merry Christmastime!

There’s a pretty flower around…

I love flash!

we got a new kettle, for all of our holiday drink needs…

And what kitchen is complete without a nutcracker?

well, that’s all I have for now. How about we end this post with sparkle,

and a bow!

What did you get for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa (if your reading this tomorrow) or what holiday you observe? Did you enjoy this type of post?

merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night…


Tuesday’s Tunes: Winter Edition (12/20/16)

Looking for some Christmas jams? Search no more! There are things for little ones, things for older ones, and for all ages!

That’s right, it’s back, and with a special winter graphic to boot.


Hey y’all! It’s April… again. Yep, two posts in a row. Winter break really treats my readers nicely, huh?

Who’s excited for Christmas? Hanukah? Kwanzaa? Any special traditions?

^^If you don’t see your holiday up there, TELL ME! It will be added ASAP.


((OK, on a completely unrelated note, can anyone here actually make a decent snowman? If so, tell me your secrets. My snow families sorta… fall over. And lose their heads. I know, whatta great mom I am.))

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