BIBPC IV- the adrenaline that comes before skiing down 1,000 feet of mountain {& falling}

Hey, everybody!

Yes, long titles seem to be my specialty with BIBPC posts. #noshame

But, aren’t you excited? It’s time for pictures! Yay!

*scrambles to get her photos together*


contest: boring into beautiful

host: megan

team: owl

points: 319(c’mon, owls! we got this!)

category: adventure

past posts: BIBPC IV- something new {but nothing borrowed, and nothing blue}

BIBPC 1&2- plants and sculptures?



Finally, finally, finally! It’s a mountain miracle! THE IMAGES ALIGNED! *throws dance party*



two extra images, both taken in the ski lodge. and now, for the contest entry…


story behind the photo: i took this photo in my local ski lodge before i went skiing. my school hosts a ski club every friday, and i go with a group of friends to the mountains. most of my friends have skiied before, but i was the first timer of the group.

the first time i got into skis, i almost knocked a poor 7-year-old over. thankfully, we weren’t even on the bunny hill… although i’m not sure if that makes it even sadder. 

after my lesson, my friends decided to take me down Infinity (the flattest and the trail most suited for beginners) and when faced with a steep-at-the-time turn, i freaked out… and went into ESM. ESM means emergency slide mode, which basically is me purposefully falling down instead of going off the side of the trail. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but not when it took me & my friend 7. Minutes. To get up.

Anyways, you probably are wondering about the 1,00o feet of mountain thing, and this is already getting wayyyy too long. after i got better at stopping and controlling my skis, they decided they could take me down a more difficult trail. this was still a green circle (easiest trail) but slightly harder. the lift ride up was really long, (9 minutes) and before i got on, my friends had neglected to tell me that the trail was 1000. feet. up. i was better at control, but still not perfect… thankfully, the trail was flat and i…

didn’t. fall. once!


and yeah, my long ramble story is over. i might do a post solely dedicated to my ski-ventures, but this isn’t the place. XD

kudos if you read that!


are you participating in BIBPC? what team are you on? did you like my photo? have you submitted an entry? leave the link! have you ever skied? fallen? do you live close to mountains? does your school host ski club?





26 thoughts on “BIBPC IV- the adrenaline that comes before skiing down 1,000 feet of mountain {& falling}

  1. This was such a neat post! I’m doing BIBPC too, although I’m on Team Fox!! We live surrounded by mountains in Idaho and I go skiing all the time, I actually have a season pass, which is pretty epic! I’m homeschooled so I don’t have a school ski club, LOL! Yeah, I’ve fallen plenty of times, one time landing me in the hospital!! :O LOL!
    My mom’s name is April, just like you! Mwahahaha! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yay, another BIBPC contest participant! oh… my competition… *gives you a look* haha, just kidding! im nice, i swear 🙂 Ah a season pass your so lucky!!i only have a friday pass 😛 yes that is EPIC.
      LOL! omg, i hope your ok now! :O
      haha! the chances… that’s awesome!


    1. BIBPC! *gives you friendly evil glare back* is that a thing? can you friendly evil glare? *ponders* AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH! it means so so much, Mahriya! ❤ and i'll make sure to look for it, but im so behind on my reader posts its not even funny… but im kinda busy about to fail my science quiz. wow, the grammar of that sentence… *cringes*

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  2. Cool photos. My favourite is the second one, what’s it of? I wish I lived close to the mountains, I’ve never skied before but it’s on my extremely long bucket list!
    ~Emily x

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      1. YES I’M HERE. And skiing is great, even though I’ve only done it twice. (Well, two ski trips. Not like I skied down two slopes or something. XD ) I want to try snowboarding though. They say it’s hard, but it looks super fun! And ugh, global warming. -_-

        Liked by 1 person

        1. ah yay! because i could not cope with you gone. 😦 i want to try snowboarding, but my friend kinda made me scared of it because she’s always like “snowboarding this” “snowboarding that” it does look suuuuuuuper cool though.
          i’ve been skiing for a bout a month. i know, i know. #such an expert

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                  1. OMG WE JUST DID A TEST ON DNA AND GENETIC AND ALL THAT!!! XD Right now I’m working on my Language Arts project and studying for a Texas History test. And also trying to finish tomorrow’s post. #help

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. OH IM GOING TO FAIL THAT TEST XD 😀
                      Whatcha doing for you lang arts proj? (when you cant type so you give up and shorten evry word)
                      HEY IM POSTING TOMORROW TOO
                      I was thinking of doing a library haul but idk *insert shruggy face here* *is too lazy to google shruggy face*

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. HAVE FUN! 😀
                      Oh. Dialectical journal entries, a collage, a mini essay, and a written explanation. On a book. About the Holocaust.
                      AYYYYYY I’m doing a tags post and I have like freakin’ five tags. PAST 2000 WORDS YAY TIME TO SCARE MY READER AWAY.

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                    3. Holocaust sad tears crying
                      AYYY TAGS
                      i love tags.
                      i haven’t done a tag since… *thinks*
                      but graphics
                      and time
                      (also, i cant believe you wrote a post about THREE DAY hiatus. there was a period of time i abandoned my blog for two months with not even a word of explanation… im surprised a million people didnt unfollow me haha :P)

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. omg yes the Holocaust is so sad
                      OMG SINCE OCTOBER??? well don’t worry i’m tagging you for a lot of stuff 😉
                      (I KNOW. I feel stupid now because that was like really unnecessary??? but oh well. what’s done is done. and I think it was good for me to get away from blogging for a little while.)

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                    5. oh well thanks may i get nominted for like 3 tags a week *cries* im thankful but omg so. many. tags.
                      FRUIT SALAD FRIENDS
                      ^^wut even was that XD

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