In Which I Explain How My Train Fell Off It’s Tracks (& Post Schedule)

Hello lovelies! I’m so sorry for missing my post day. I’ve been trying to get on a post schedule, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. I’ve mostly managed to stick to it, so I’ve decided to make it official:

April Dreams will publish a post every other day. Example, After today (Friday) my next post day would be Sunday. Then Tuesday, Thursday, etc. 

Yes, I even changed the color. That’s how important and official-y this is. Anyways, I should get back to the post.


So, I’m explaining why I missed a post day.







I’m so cruel to myself. Anyways, A Series of Unfortunate Events (if you have watched that show on netflix tell me because I am deciding whether to watch it or not.)

Anyways, I haven’t been posting because I had computer and phone privileges removed. Which was really a bummer… I had a great post plan for this week. I was going to do a Series Snacks, a cool type of post I can’t reveal because #promotionalpurposes. 

But you should totally watch out for that post.

But, that all went to the birds.

For those of you who’ve seen me around NaNo, I managed to get my parents dinosaur computer for small amounts of time but argh that thing hurts my eyes and it is so. freaking. loud. The fans–

I came to a realization…

Blogging has taken over my life. The whole time I had no computer or phone access-

All I could think about was my

# 8759145_margaux-big-bad-blogger-and-a-pr-firm_t48e51389

^Different color hashtag, I’m fancy. Fancy schmancy April.

I’m so obsessed I tried to write a post on my phone. Have you ever tried it? I know some blog solely from their phone- mad respect. I honestly just can’t. The featured images and the tags and the typing- I cannot type.


I dunno. Why can’t I type? I mean I dont have fat thumbs… I don’t think… o.O

Well, I’ve run out of things to bloggily update like a good blogger would. And homework. I am drowning in homework.


TL;DR- I’m getting my train back on track.


are you obsessed with blogging too? anyone else drowning in homework? do you like my post schedule?

ttyl for now,





30 thoughts on “In Which I Explain How My Train Fell Off It’s Tracks (& Post Schedule)

  1. I’ve heard A Series of Unfortunate Events was really good on Netflix, but I haven’t decided to watch it yet either. And yessssss, I’m obsessed with blogging. 🙂 xoxo Ash


  2. This is so late agh sorry… I tend to have these periods of time when I’m overly obsessed with the internet… and then I just ignore everything…and then I force myself to actually go and say hello to the internet again… and it’s just a vicious cycle…

    But yes, I am physically drowning in homework. I may not make it out. It was nice knowing you. Truly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha its ok, i’m HORRIBLE at replying to comments. and commenting. dreadful. I actually just finished replying to a comment from the 17th. :)Vicious cycles are the worst 😦
      it was nice knowing you too, see you on the other side
      but isnt murder by homework illegal somewhere?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay, we’ll be horrible together!! Aren’t they? Vicious cycles are the bane of my existence.
        Oh. My. Gosh. I think it is!! I’m suing. And being such a horrible speller/typist that I:
        1. Said speller, though that’s not a word (and word choice has nothing to do with spelling or typing)
        2. Had to google how to spell suing
        3. And then forgot what word I had to google (again irrelevant)
        4. And then misspelled irrelevant.
        I give up.

        This is why the homework is getting to me…


  3. *should be doing homework right now, but oh well…* Anyway, I’m not obsessed with my blog, but I would like to be…sometimes I just ignore it. I’ve been doing better though, this month! And I’ve heard that A Serious of Unfortunate Events on netflix is good, but I personally haven’t seen it.

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    1. haha, same! but i have a lot of comments to reply to and i kinda feel guilty if i ignore them for a week like i’ve been doing atm… ahem *shuffles feet*
      Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot of posts from you and then I got happy! Cause I love your posts 😛
      Yes, I think I’m falling off the fance onto the other side. the side of unfortunate things 😛


      1. Haha, yeah, I try to respond to comments at least twice a week, but it usually ends up being once a week or so.

        Yay, thanks! It always makes me happy when someone tells me they love my blog or my posts! 😀

        Haha, have you watched any of it yet?

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          1. *totally understands, haha* It has been a few days since I’ve responded to any comments… 😛

            Aww, I’m sorry! Good luck with getting all of it done! 🙂


      1. I know right! They tell us not to stress and that stress is bad for our health BUT THEN WHY GIVE US HOMEWORK??? And oh look, May’s parents allowed her to connect to the wifi. (On the pretense of doing homework… but… whatever.)

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        1. Yes, like #doublestandards! In health class, they made us write a paragraph on stress. Well, writing a paragraph on stress is stressfu;!
          Hooray for wifi! *cheers* but youre leaving… again, who authorized that? 😛

          Liked by 1 person

            1. yes, teachers.
              my mom used to be a teacher, then i got born and i was really clingy and she moved and i wouldn’t let her get certified so now she’s not
              i was a brat ahahha


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