a quote iv (& sidebar update)

heyyyyyyy people!
^wut even was that greeting

well, as you can probably guess if you read the title, today is quote day. funny, i named the series sunday quotes, but i’ve done it on sunday… once? as you all know, im total #bloggergoals

but i was bored and i saw the pineapple and i thought I MUST SHOW MY #BLOGGERNATION THE PINEAPPLE!

((and i may or may not have been trying to write a post but i was exhausted and fell asleep? ha who would do that definitely not me im #bloggergoals. you;d have to be pretty bad to do that… im obviously amazing.))

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sweet like candy, by ari ❤
^^haha sorry for the song reference. literally everything I do is a song reference. im such trash lol.


on a non-trashy note: MY SIDEBAR HAS BEEN COMPLETELY REVAMPED WOO! its still under construction but it’d mean a lot if you’d check it out and tell me what you think. 😀


do you love pineapples? do you wear a crown proudly? do you like this series? do you like how much of a rebel i am for hosting it not on sunday? do you recognize my song reference? are you trash like me (haha obviously no all of my blogger friends are amazing) are you gonna check out my sidebar cause im a smol smol human WHO NEEDS APPROVAL. 😛




20 thoughts on “a quote iv (& sidebar update)

  1. Ha, I loved this. Yesss, that quote is perfection in itself. XD Pineapples are pure awesomeness. i am ze pineapple queeeennn *coughs* 😛 So my web browser was weird and small and I am not ashamed to admit that I freaked out for a second there cause the sidebar wasn’t there where it was supposed to be. XD ANYWAY, now that I tracked it down the sidebar is very beautiful. 😀

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    1. hehe, thanks! Yesss PINEAPLLES <- i have amazing typos XD 😛
      oh no weird and small web browser that wouldn't let you see my sidebar? in the wordso f stephanie tanner, HOW RUDE! XD (See? I warned you I was refernce trash)
      aww thank you so much! im glad you liked it ❤

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