Think To Ink Writing Camp #1!

Salutations, readers!

I hve some BIG NEWS…

for another post.

It should be coming soon…

so stay posted!

OH, and…

school starts in, like:

10 hours!!

I’m freaking out!


Is anyone else going into 7th grade?

I’m so nervous/excited!

I’m… excivous!



As you can tell, this post is a little rushed. I need to pull some last minute stuff together but I just need to slip this in!

Alright, onward!

Information Station





Team pen, we got this! WOO HOO!

prompts (in order)



I’ve decided to write a poem!


she never spoke,

not uttered a sound,

but eyes told everything

that begged for tell

she was laughed at,


for the silliest things,

like knobbly knees.


they called her,


they jeered.

She was called so many names,

she forgot her own,

and simply went

as Moonchild.

Why were they so afraid of her looking into the stars?

Why were they so afraid that she could go far?

Why did they hide behind the words,

they sharpened like knives,

and harassed a little moonchild?

They said her head was stuck in the clouds

her feet were nowhere near the ground,

they might as well have been stuck in clay,

but she proved them wrong,

by going places

only a moonchild could ever imagine,

who said that word was an insult,

children dear?

i’d love to be a moonchild,

and be able to read through the stars.

I don’t know if that made sense to you all, but it did to me. Basically, it’s about who was teased for understanding things on a higher level, and she got that level from looking t the moon, it was her solace. The last line was written by a wise adult, who was also the viewpoint. She was the teacher in the classroom, where they all teased the moonchild. i goinspirationon by the prompt, she just looked so… vulnerable sitting there, looking at the moon. I knew, even though it was a picture, that child was special.

So… I hope you liked it! I worked hard on it.

a moonchild,



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