A Different Type of Camp NaNo, Google My Maps, & Pinterest!


So, you may have noticed my lack of Camp NaNo posts.

That’s because my first draft is absolutely pointless. Along with the multitude of activities I am part of this month, I haven’t had the best luck inspiration wise. So, I have been doing this since the 14th, but updated today. My CNN is going to be about…

… planning! You know, character plotting, worldbuilding, the tiniest bit of an outline 😉

Now, you may be wondering,

Why didn’t I do this all before?

Answer: Timing and Misinformation.

Timing: I didn’t find out about Camp NaNo until the 21st, and didn’t decide to do it until the 25th. Therefore, I couldn’t do what needed to be done in -4 days!

Misinformation: I was told that you couldn’t plan for Camp NaNo?!? Well, obviously, that was wrong. So, now I’m really behind. So, aforementioned, this is going to be a planning month!

I’m really excited now! I’ll probably give more updates now I have something substantial to work on! My 3 main goals are:

  1. Well Rounded Characters
  2. Developed World (Atlantis)
  3. Basic Outline

If you feel I’ve missed something, please comment!

Google My Maps


But seriously.

You can pin important locations to your story, add different layers for the different books, and it even gives a description! I’m using it to help me worldbuild, it’s working great so far!


I recently restarted using Pinterest, you can find me HERE. I’m under my pen name, April McLauren. (If I ever publish, I have to change my URL again. Joy.)  Anyway, maybe you can chack out my boards? I don’t know. Maybe if you got to the end of this post– unlikely. If you did, comment “ice cream” for a surprise!






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