Character Studies, Part Two, July Edition: Beliefs, Ideals, & Morals | A Novel Idea, 7/19/16 | Camp NaNo Update | Feedback

Wow, that title was a doozy! 🙂

Hey everybody! I’m back with Part Two of Character Studies, hosted by Morgan @ Studies In Character. Guess who I’m interviewing… you know it… Queen Aleksandria! Say hi, Queen A!

*Miffed Silence*

Alright… be that way then.


The Questions

(Queen Alek) (Me) (Questions)

  1. What happens, do you think, when you die?

You are dead.

Uh, okay… Care to elaborate?

Not specifically.

  1. Are you afraid of dying?

I do not fear death.

but dying without a legacy.

… I didn’t know that about you. *Shuffles bad author feet*

  1. What is the most irrational fear you have?

None of my fears are irrational. 

But I fear he will come back to me.

*chuckles evilly as author tries to make Queen Aleksandria spill her guts. The best she can do is crossed out tiny text at the bottom of the page.*

Why did I make you so strong willed?

To rule the queendom justly.

  1. Why are you afraid of that thing, even knowing it’s irrational?

LISTEN! *recomposes self.* Irrationality is a hindrance in battle and in peace.

But I fear he will destroy the kingdom by destroying me.

I’m listening! You have to listen to me! I created you!

Yet am fulfilling your unrealistic author dreams. You haven’t finished developing me, much less my queendom.

Well, you’re the Queen of my blank page of procrastination. And your queendom is… um… my imagination! *pats self on back for good authorly work.*


Moving on! *Claps hands.* 

  1. You’ve just been threatened and told that if you tell anybody about what happened to you, you’ll die (or worse).  Do you tell anyone, or do you lie about what happened?

Lie. I don’t need one of the Atlantians to get hurt. I can fight my own battles.

But the Atlantians will be hurt more if you aren’t there to lead them.

New leaders will come speedier than a new queendom.

(Does anybody know a different word than “speedier” to fit Queen A’s personality? Thanks.) 

  1. The one person who could save you is the person you trust least in the world.  What do you do?

I trust all of my subjects. I have more faith in some than in others. 

I don’t trust him, though. I would not be saved if it was him. I would rather accept my punishment.
  1. Would you, or have you, ever killed anyone?

Only in the field of battle, when absolutely necessary. Prisoners and slaves are far more useful than a dead body and guilty conscience. *bows head solemnly*

I would kill him. Just out of spite.
  1. Do you have any recurring dreams and/or nightmares?

No. Those are born out of irrationality. 

But my favorite dream is when he comes back and my worst nightmare is when he does.
  1. You’re going to die in exactly fifteen minutes.  What do you do with those minutes?

Transfer the leadership of my queendom to another subject fit for rule. Then I will accept my fate with my head held high.

But I would ask him why.
  1. Bonus: How long is your attention span?

My attention span is as long as I need it to be.

Alright, that’s the last question! Thanks for sharing!

Is this the last time I’ll be dragged out for this? Please develop another character enough that they can talk. Thank you. *Walks away*

*shakes head* I really need better control over my characters…

A Novel Idea, 7/19/16

a novel idea

No it’s not too late to do this.

Alright, here is a quote from For(Gotten) You. (number forty, cinderella)

her heart wore the crown that royalty made.

Another, because I can’t choose:

the music can make me fly,

even though i am grounded to the world.

This is the last one, I PROMISE!

of all the illusions,

yours was the worst

because i think it was real at first.

Well… now I’ve told you all my secret writer lines… I nominate all of you to do this to! (I know, I know. This isnt an award. But this is a great idea! This is your chance to show off the gem of your story!)

Camp NaNo Update

My new Camp is working out nicely! (If you don’t know what it is, I explained it in this post) I have already gotten a lot done with worldbuilding! Unfortunately, my whiteboard hasnt come yet, so I have to do it on the computer or print the sheets out and do it by hand. I really dont want to do it on the computer but I dont want to walk down to the printer either. *shrugs* Also, I’m thinking on changing my novel name. As of now, I declare Lost Worlds #1- Atlantis a placeholder title. But I have figured out my government and am starting on religion. (I touched a little on this in Character Studies: Part One (Beliefs, Ideals, and Morals) ) I took the amazing worldbuilding sheet from Morgan @ Studies In Character and my character building sheets from Kellyn @ Reveries. I have started developing Clarisse Anguilo, I hope to feature her in an upcoming character study! I am really excited!

Thanks & Feedback

Thanks for reading this giganzo post! Were the small crossed out blurbs TOO out of character for Queen Alek? Comment your opinion! But here’s the million dollar question: do you like her? I want my characters to be likeable and not make you want to stop reading my book and start doing something more enjoyable, like getting a brain freeze in the winter or having your birthday forgotten. *trys to keep a straight face* But seriously, though. Also, I have started inserting “read more” tags. Do you find these annoying, like so annoying you just won’t read the post? Thanks for your opinion. How are all of you doing on Camp NaNo? Comment! One more thing I’d like your opinion on: Did my quotes make you feel something? Or were they just words on a screen? Which was your favorite? Well, thanks again for reading this long ramble.

craving ice cream,


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4 thoughts on “Character Studies, Part Two, July Edition: Beliefs, Ideals, & Morals | A Novel Idea, 7/19/16 | Camp NaNo Update | Feedback

  1. I have character building sheets? *is shocked for a moment* Ooooooh, wait. I do. XD Sorry. Blonde moment. (and … no offense to blondes out there. I don’t know very many blondes, but the ones I do are all very smart and … it’s just an expression, ok!!!!!)


    1. I know what you mean, we have to watch what we say like hawks 😉 (If I’m annoyed at someone I say they’re acting like a dumb *insert their hair color here*) I know its not the best but… ITS SELF PRESERVATION.


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