My Future Dream Writing Office & Some Very Important Updates

Hello, everybody!

Recently, I have received a lot of comments asking if I’ve deleted my blog. This time around with changing my URL, there has been a lot of confusion, so I’d like to try and clear that up

  1. I haven’t deleted Liv Dreams. April Dreams is the same blog, except with a different name and URL.
  2. April Dreams is still under construction. However, one thing that will never be changing again is the URL.
  3. I am switching to my author name. It is April McLauren. I explain more here.
  4. I am trying to “rebrand” my blog. That means my images will have a certain quality about them that is consistent. What that quality is, I’m not sure yet, but I think it will have something to do with stars.
  5. I have a new header! *claps* I would appreciate it if you;d check it out!
  6. The school year is almost upon me (2 1/2 more weeks,) and that brings me to my next point!
  7. New School Year Posting Schedule! Yay!
  8. *throws confetti*

Here is the link:

April Dreams Posting Schedule Descriptions

But wait! Before you go!

When you click on the document, you will see I have 11 pages of content. Now you must be like: “That girl is crazy if she thinks I’m reading through 11 pages of crap about her blog. No way!” 

  1. There’s about 3 1/2 pages of graphics. 😛
  2. It’s like the ultimate content guide for my blog. When I wrote that it came out the ultimate content blog for my guide 😛 

If you’ve been following my blog for a decent amount of time, you won’t need to read through all of it. The the things you do need to read through, however, are:

Note: This is for people who have been following my blog a decent amount of time. You might want to read the whole thing if you’re new here. 🙂

  • The “What It Is Section” for my new series, “Writing Update Wednesdays” and “Tuesdays Tunes”. And you might want to read it for “Which Book Would I: Burn, Rewrite, and Reread”, and “Series Snacks” Because I havent posted those ina month and a half. Oops.
  • The “How Often it Occurs Section”. I promise, these arent long! Just a couple of sentences, at most.
  • The very last section of each category where I tell you how to submit things for those types of posts, if you’re interested.
  • The “Requests” section at the end, again if you’re interested. 🙂
  • I also give some important links, so I’m going to give them again here:

Important Links: Blog Review TypeForm | Blog Tag TypeForm | Blog Feedback TypeForm | April Dreams | In My Camera Eye | Contact Page

I just realized a little discrepancy: The “Blog Review TypeForm” Is if you want me to review your blog, and the “Blog Feedback” Typeform is if you want to give me feedback on my blog.

Alright! Now we’ve got that cleared up, we can get onto the fun stuff!

My Future Dream Writing Office

As I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, a higher power sent me a thought: my future writing office. Then, at 1 am in the morning, I started planning it all out. Then I got another thought: why don’t I tell my readers all about it?

So… Here I am!

Floors: Mahogany.


Walls: Log


You know, a nice log cabin-y feel. But it would be in the city, because I like it there. Or the suburbs, because those are pretty cool too.

Drinks & Food:


Becuase it makes hot chocolate. 🙂 yummm. Well, honestly, I’d really like a mini-Starbucks stand, but they don’t make those, to my knowledge at least. :/


I love the little polka-dots!! And tea is so good for the soul. So calming, so tasty! What’s your favorite type of tea?


I’d build this into my desk so I could reach over for a snack anytime I wanted!


I’d love some of my favorite quotes over my fireplace, which I would have even though I’m always hot. The flames are so fun to watch! They dance, and twist, and turn… I can see where pyro’s get the inclination to burn things, the flames are so deathly beautiful! That raw power… not that I would do anything like that, of course!

Most of my favorite quotes didn’t have paintings, but this search made me get some new ones!


pure & simple.
being a writer means making constellations

Oh god that makes me wanna change my blog name but I won’t do that to you guys 🙂 I’ll stay strong, I promise!

my friends are like sisters, then.
love the art on this one


Now, my favorite part of this post…

My (dun dun dunnnnnn) desk!

OK, I’m going all out on this one.

Area Above my desk:

HUGGGEEEEEEE whiteboard. Also, a not-so-huge-bulletin board.

I would use it for character evolution spiral/graphic/chart stuff. (Bulletin Board) The whiteboard would be for world building and novel plotting.


A combination of:







*tries to explain craziness of this.*

OK, so I would like all the drawers of the first desk,

(More about that later)

With the removable treadmill of the 2nd desk,

So I can exercise while I work. Gotta stay fit, right? *pumps unexistent muscles*

and the cool shape of the last desk.

C’mon, its so…. wavy! And new, and not done much before. Ahead of the curve, huh? 😉

Oh, and also I’d like it to move up and down.

Cause I’m sorta a desk diva. *flips hair*

Make sense? No? Oh… well.

Moving on!


Combination of:





*again has to explain craziness*

Alrighty, let’s try to explain this…

The first chair, if you cannot tell, is a massage chair. I would like the features of the massage chair with the flexibility and the rollability of the second chair. Don;t we all get a bad back after sitting in a chair typing for a while?

Yes, I’m also a chair diva.

I really hope that makes sense.

Drawer #1-

Drawer #1 would have lots of helpful writing manuals. World building, character evolution, plotting, character development, etc.


Drawer #2-

The extensive research and weird google searches I’ve had to do, compiled and filed. C’mon we all have those weird searches when writing a book. What was your weirdest google search?


Drawer #3-

Manuscripts. Need I say more? 😉

Drawer #4-

Weird writer objects. In case I need to experience things through the eyes of my character.

Drawer #5-

Articles of clothing from my characters, nick nacks and personal items. We all need them, don’t judge.

Drawer #6-

All the various journals I’ve of accumulated over the years. Oh, this would be super fun, because I could be 30 and get to see my 8-year-old self… and who knows what would happen then? World Domination? Take-over of the muffinator? Anyone from TOREP here? Or… the most other-worldly thought of all…





Weird, Huh?


Pull Out Drawer-

Pens, pencils, highlighters, white out, erasers, pencil toppers. Basically any writing utensils. You know, maybe one of those cool feather pens. So I could be old-timey and cool. 😉

635838367114951045-1404181335_istock_000002460455xsmall (2)



Pictures of my family and friends. They are my inspiration, they give me motivation and its nice to know they’ll always be there for me.


Outside my office:

Archery range, pool, billiards, basketball court, etc. For fun and research. We all need a break, right?! Right? Right… OK, No, I guess. But I’m still gonna put them there. If your character is a swimmer, what better way to get inside their heads then swimming? And is it just me, or is that pool drop-dead gorgeous? (See below)

And I think that sums it up! What was your favorite part of my office? 😉 What would you like your future office to look like?

Just a reminder:


AprilDreamsPostingScheduleDescriptions | Blog Review TypeForm | Blog Tag TypeForm | Blog Feedback TypeForm | April Dreams |                                               In My Camera Eye | Contact Page

signing off for now,


PS- Tomorrow is writing camp posts! stay tuned!





8 thoughts on “My Future Dream Writing Office & Some Very Important Updates

  1. April, or should I say Liv since it is less confusing? This was an amazing post. I love the graphics you chose. That is an amazing future desk. Great planning!
    I’ll be sure to take your feedback survey!

    Saanvi from:


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