10 Lil’ Bits of Winter Cheer

Hello, friends!

Today I am here to present to you:

10 Lil' Bits of Winter Cheer.png

Cause we all need a pick me up for those final few days of NaNo, hmm?

1. Hot Cocoa & Toppings

Am I the only one who sits, anxiously watching the thermometer, til it reaches that magic temperature when it’s time for hot chocolate? I can get it from Starbucks, my local grocery store… it’s delish! I can get peppermint in it, mint, or marshmallows! Last year, even put some paprika in it, too add a little kick. What do you like to put in your hot chocolate?

2. Evergreen Trees

It’s a personal favorite of mine too look out into my yard, and see that little splash of green that means evergreen trees. When I was younger, I even made up a song about it… it was so bad, though. Here’s the lyrics, since I’m sure y’all will ask:

Evergreens // Forever Green // Beautiful through seasons, count with me // Won’t you come // And sit with me? // Look under // The evergreen.

And a whole lot more I forget.

3. Fuzzy Blankets

Don’t we all look for excuses to spend the day curled up in bed watching Netflix, snuggled up in your blanket? It’s one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.

4. Cuddly Friends

On Christmas Eve when I was younger, I’d always have a stuffed animal to sleep with. I’m not sure why, but it was just a tradition for me.  Or, if your a pet owner, I’d love to play with a dog in the snow, or snuggle with a kitten.

5. Chasing Snowflakes

I am not ashamed to say that at 12 years old, my 1st instinct when I saw snow was to try and catch a piece on my tongue. Seriously y’all, this is just a primary part of the winter experience! Unless you live in Florida or one of those places where it never snows…

6. Inspiration

I, for one, on a cold winter day, can look out my bedroom window and be instantly inspired by the beautiful landscape. The stark right is such a contrast from all of falls vibrant colors.

7. Feel-Good Movies

Curling up with some winter classics has to be a top 10 experience. Invite a few friends over, break out the popcorn, and choose a movie! I swear you’ll have so much fun.

8. Scented Candles

I, personally, love all the winter scents candle companies have created. I burn candles all over my house, and it makes it smell amazing! Especially if you get candle sets that compliment each other. It’ll make your house smell like all those winter activities you want to do, but may not have time to.

9. Snowball Fights

This might quite possibly my favorite part of winter. My friends and me love to do this. Anywhere we see a fresh patch of snow, its fair game.

10. Snow Days

I actually just had one of these on Monday. It was good to get a break from learning and be able to enjoy the first snow of the season. I talked to my friends, drew, and did some winter activities with my sib. All in all, it was a great day.

In summary of my post:

10 Lil' Bits of Winter Cheer (1).png

I hope these made you cheerful! Have you participated in any of these activities, bought any of these items, or had a bolt of inspiration? Comment!

Have a Great Winter,



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